Change needs to happen

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  1. Change needs to happen fast
    Kaw has fallen off due to osw mechs being crap same old events /ebs
    This is a petition for change if devs don't we will stop spending
    9:tony soprano
  2. IF they don't stop well stop spending?

    Ive spent around 30 bucks on this game total, realized my mistake, never did it again since.

    This game is not what it used to be or even near what it used to represent. Just do what the rest of us are doing.

    Stop spending either way and enjoy the burning building.
  3. Change will not happen unless you get the LB off their wallets and join in on this petition.

    Good luck

  4. Ive offered solutions but nothing ever comes of it support
  5. I like how you're petition only has room for 4 names. Lmao
  6. I'm liking these free xtals

    But yeh some changes in events would be good make it more interesting idk.
  7. KaW has fallen off because it came out in late 2009. Honestly it’s amazing that it’s still going.
  8. It’s amazing you’re still going

  9. This:)

  10. Pfft !!! I don’t believe anything you green ppl have to say. It’s all misdirection and lies while you hide behind the devs. You greens only think you know.
  11. Support

  12. So you're saying a completely revamped pvp system and new EE modes and Ee revamp is coming within the next two months or so?
  13. Other games have a in game blog ran by their developers. These blogs are constantly rolling out info on the game upgrades and new events.
    Here we are supposed to act like it’s Moses coming down the mountain giving us some spectacular news about the game. Except Moses has shown up in a long Long Long while. Guess what Almighty Dev.....we not buying your lame excuses anymore. Send your green army. I’m waiting
  14. Awe look it’s the coherent Eagle. I remember when speculation arose about shared account....hmmm. How did that not get dealt with ?
  15. I support.
    A temporary fix may be that devs release no new lands, no new buildings, no new EBs, and no more upping the plunder from EBs.
    Couple these things with more useful pots that actually hurt when you have them burnt and then just wait very patiently for small builds to catch up to the new builds. What we have now should be the maximum one can ever achieve. No more! And it also gives new comers some hope of one day catching up.

    KaW was fun because everyone was roughly the same size and we could fight fairly and let technique and planning have the edge. Now stripping and burning means nothing because MP and pots can be bought back from the first Legends tier very easily.
  16. Not sure releasing new lands without buildings would accomplish. But here are a couple of ideas.
    Dial up the plunder on pvp and the t1 ebs. This way the new comers can make more faster through both avenues. Bring new and more expensive pots with big ark/def. Purge system of dead clans to free up space. Dial up the fight mechs a bit so not one build is completely better. Or....

    Bring back time in kaw was being able to pin osf/oaf from outside and start a war.