challenge to drgn!!

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  1. I've tried to Google translate this.
  2. Salty for mod  May be better than moose!
  3. Oh crikey! A wild crackhead in his natural habitat.

    Isn’t that amazing? Look at that writing... awful! Wow!
  4. So this begs the question what are you doing with ur charms
  5. what the eff did i just read

  6. i just watched salty singlehandedly dismantle every haters argument in world chat while looking awesome and sexy the whole time.

    watch out drgn saltys growing youll rue the day you made an enemy of him
  7. How do i challenge?
  8. you can challenge my "dragon". *winks*
  9. Why your feet so salty
  10. I libe buy the beach
  11. Worst english than me..dead
  12. It takes a lot of dedication to type like this every time
  13. All Hail Saltyfeet!

  14. good one lol
  15. So you have like... salt cured feet?
  16. No. They jost salty from wokin in the beach