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  1. Awesome and revalant.

    Also, to my pall Corinthian. This is all that's left of PvP. It's not fox calling IG bullies on WC before there was a war system because they made the fist alliance (now a clan system in place) and decided to be bullies and spank the osf's for fun and profit.

    Srsly. If a PvP or clan vs clan erupts here this is all that's left. I must have done 100 players privately. That's not what's active now. Any PvP or real war should be enjoyed.

    I have some popcorn if you wanna watch and cuddle on a beanbag together. It's like old times. It's just 98% noobs instead of 98% battle list fun now.

    It's so ironic I just called a guy who's like 3 moths older profile than mine out as a fossil. That's uncalled for. I'm a relic of a forgotten time also.
  2. Don't know who you are but I'll never cf to you . K. Just started paying couple hours ago.
  3. Op has been triggered by banter
  4. Wow tough terms, personally I'd have cast hide ally spell. Btw, I love RP clan hardasses 
  5. I find such threads entertaining. Tough terms and reminds me the good old 'I'll farm you till you reset' which actually used to happen back in the days. Threads like this are much better than forum games or political discussions on a tap tap game. Onesy is just a troll, a forum warrior who is actually pretty clueless about pvp, he rarely hits back, if any..most of what he says doesn't even have to be truth, it has only one purpose - get you talking or better yet raging. And at that he actually succeeded cos y'all are posting paragraphs over his one short sentence. Onesy may not be a pvp'er but he sure is one hell of a troll sometimes lol
  6. That's an extra charge.


    I'm glad most things on KaW is subjective. Everything would be boring if we all liked the same thing/only saw that one thing on forums. Yah know?
  7. Three years ago, When I first started playing, when events and silver bars didnt exist this would've been a highly achievable CF. But KaW is a different game now with different players. Strips are damn near a waste of time, now, unless they are massive. Pot burns/Fail bombs are useless now. No body cares if they are PnZ anymore, most will just hit from p without a care in the world. 75℅ of the time, you are just fighting an alt that the main never cared about, and you must be Sherlock Holmes to get to the main just find out its like 300m stats outta your hit range. Very rarely will you find a person willing to CF when KaW has given them the ability to lose and grow at the same time.
  8. If I remember right didn't I farm you, op.
  9. If I remember right weren't you Last rights just recently? Lol

  10. Im claiming pvp is dying because you claim pvp threads shouldn't be on fourms
    What do you think should be on here? all of your horrible, mostly game-irrevant threads?

    Im not offended by anything, im just frustrated how someone could be such a coward? Especially a veteran of the game

    Your last paragraph proves me right, there are no wars without communication, which is why I think all forms of communication, including forum threads should be used to declare war/pvp

    P.S: I wouldn't be "crying doom" so much if you were hitting ;)
  11. I don't think Cor's opinion should frustrate anyone. After all he hasn't been consistently active for more than 4 years. I remember when me and him were in 2012 Summer wars finals he wasn't active then already. Plus I don't think he was ever a fan of pvp from what I gathered. A rare mod will say things that may upset devs, even an ex mod
  12. Free Swabia.

    Also it wasn't much better back then either- considering the whole messed up system of pwars, the BL has rarely seen action except for a select few individuals. See, all the times of KaW are characterized by conflict, and it's really hard to remember what was so good 5 years ago. Of course I can't say I know what's best, but it's practically been like this for the past 6 years. Always bringing on whole clans for 1v1s, the past of KaW is all about 1v1s turned Clan v Clan turned to Clan Alliances v Clan alliances

    For someone who's been here a year less than Swabia and the others I still know a fair amount.
    Would being back to 2009 make everything better? The game has changed a lot, for better or for worse.
  13. I'm gluten free, no thanks
  14. U lion.

    No support!
  15. Bash that noob up rice
  16. No  I was veritas....
  17. Best cf term forum I've ever seen gj, slam him around a bit 
  18. Seems I've missed a lot on this topic due to work/life lately. I do want to reply to the below, however.

    This comment seems a bit ironic to me when it's claimed I wasn't active during the Summer Wars 2012 Finals. That period was quite possibly the last time I was hyper active, and also was a time I spent a fair amount of funds on the game. Specifically to the finals, I'll concede that I didn't get many actions in, but at the same time I also didn't leak through the entire series, especially in the finals. My low action count for that last war (and in general) is more an ode to the rest of the clan for being much faster scanners than I. Non-stop scanning save to respond to call-outs and more often than not the defender was already DTW again. The only way I could have been more "active" would be if I had been using a macro or script. Of course, then I would also be banned.
    Edit: If I wasn't active for that series, I would have leaked, and we would have lost. If I leaked before the finals due to inactivity, then I'd have been kicked for the many people clamoring to get in as the undefeated record spoke for itself. That's not to say people didn't try. I know LB players and the like tried getting on the roster. If those records are still around somewhere, just double check how low the gold earned between the two sides was. That really was a good Finals though, which made the EE announcement all the more bitter.
    On the subject of claiming I'm not a big fan of PVP, that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Go back as far as 2009, and you'll see me doing my best on the forums to devise the best strategies to go after the top PVP-ers in the game. I created Lightning Hammers as a PVP-based organization, and both in the 2009 forum version and the 2010 clan organization I was involved in many off system wars with other clans and families.

    In 2010 when the war system was first unveiled, I was at the forefront of those figuring how best to fight in the system, specifically for the underdog/lower CS clan side of things as people were claiming it was unfair. I participated in several system wars for both mechanics testing and clan rating for a time (back when clans had that).

    When I disappeared for a time and showed up in the middle of the PWar Era, my current clan The Observers (which I transitioned to from LH) made war on all kinds of PWar clans, focusing on shutting down OSFs and fighting down any defenders (as by then PWars were kind of the abomination child of The OSF and the War System). From there, we transitioned to skirmishing and picking fights on the battle list, up until I decided to spend hundreds of dollars on the game and play catch-up on growth, where I ended up teaming with Bellemorte for a time.

    Following that period, I eventually returned to my now mostly dead clan that Toast had faithfully owned, still picking the odd fight off the battle list, though not finding as many takers.

    Currently, I'm in a PVP-lull, I admit, but I really don't understand how you get the impression I'm not a fan of PVP from all that.

    I even boycotted Estoc Wars because I thought and felt strongly at the time that it was the wrong way to take the war system. The Lowlands War Update did tempt me for a time to end that boycott, but then life whisked me away in the middle of re-organizing the clan, so I still haven't experienced an EE war to date.

    On a wholly different note: how does supporting PVP go against the devs?

    PS: The length of this reply is why I'm not bothering to waste lifespan on a separate post towards the purposeful misinterpretation of my words on the previous page, and the random accusation of a coward, as if that statement holds any water.

    PPS: This is also ignoring the PVP I was drawn into as figurehead of the OSF in 2009, as well as the many anti-moderator attacks and skirmishes weathered particularly in the two years that followed after that. Just because aside from briefly a few times I wasn't close to BC doesn't mean I wasn't near-constantly fighting somebody in the game for several years.
  19. 9k losses on phantom.

    He hasn't hit me back in a few days. Playing dead now ya??