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  1. Let me make this a little high effort so it won't get deleted:

    01--PHANTOM--10's CF TERMS

    1) drop build to all stables
    2) write a 750 word essay on why you shouldn't harass other people
    3) rename yourself to "iGotEggsinMyMouth"

    This is a 1v1 I don't care who or why others are hitting you
    you are a disrespectful, illiterate piece of trash and guess what, im the garbage man :)

    I hope you get a paper cut on your tongue
    From a razor in a paper cup
    I hope every soda you drink already shaken up
    I hope your dreams dry like raisins in the baking sun

    - Chance the Rapper


    Phantom's battle losses are over 9000. I'll have another update when he's at 10k losses hehe

    --UPDATE #2--

    Phantom says he won't hit me back because he's supposedly "a better man"

    Better man or a little pansy?
  2. Glutenous CF terms.
  3. It was all nice til you had to throw in Chance the Dingus
  4. Compared to what he's said to others, these terms are nothing
  5. Respect the grind. He's way better than lil yatchy the blabber blub and Designer of the 57 rows of teeth
  6. I'm phantoms main fight me m8
  7. 10/10 for trying m8. Give Amish and zombie my regards, old friends :)
  8. Not trying , im serious. Fiht me m8
  9. This thread screams of desperation to be noticed
  10. Bruh these guys are elite pvper's dont make me farm you too nub ;)
  11. Implying any new rappers are good and have lyrical talent.
    Edit: done going off topic on this thread. Bye bye)
  12. Who are you again?
  13. Onesy is kaws biggest try-hard, trash bag.
  14. Preach it
  15. Whoa my fan club rolling in hot, preach it sister

  16. Can I have my CF gluten free?
  18. It's not a 1v1 if other people are hitting him and you.
    By the way CF's are only a thing now if you ask them to apologise. That's it. No ones dropping build because you took eight billion over a whole day when they'll be making near five trillion in a couple days from now. Not happening.

    EDIT not even a couple days. 19 hours.

  19. This is why the game is dying, especially the pvp side

    Onesy is cancer