Cease fire request to _SFA_--_Boss_

Discussion in 'Wars' started by McAulish, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. I hereby ask for a mutual cease fire. Thank you for the fight. I have learned loads. Respect to you Boss. A great adversary in my opinion. Happy kawing!!!
  2. CF accepted. Awesome 1v1 and tons of respect.
  3. I did, he was requesting a cf.
  4. The one with bigger stats and spy defense.
  5. Nice,he is a smaller account with 2k losses but since you'er both spies how fun was the scout/assn party?
  6. Good job Boss.
  7. Way to be Boss, way to be!!
  8. I was farming his friend a while back so he requested a 1v1. Put up a good fight and i'd definitely look forward to fighting him again. Thanks clay
  9. Congratulations Boss!

    ༺Ṩ̸ṱαřƒŁ∊∊Ŧ ÂṕɵčaŁŷṕṩ̸∊༻