Discussion in 'Wars' started by HellFighter, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Would u be interested in a 4 hour system war with Regulators @ 8pm EST* on Sat?
    Rules would be simple. No more than 100 members, so bring in whoever.
    This may be a weekly thing, to get away from EE
  2. Please, stack all the SH u want on YOUR side. Thx
  3. If someone creates the clan then I will be up for it. I love doing system wars and they are always a blast and great way to meet new ppl in the game.
  4. I don't understand...
  5. What the **** are you saying?
  6. My sis is in my face, what should I do?
  7. Starting time on Saturday can be negotiated
  8. Sounds like fun!
  9. This seems like a fun idea.
  10. "To get away from EE"?
    Just don't war and you'll be fine. >.>
  11. GRAY-SAMA!!!!! *pokes* good job on not hurting or bugging Natsu-Sama
  12. Not looking to totally get away from EE. Just looking for classic swar
  13. Sounds like fun since I have no chance in EEs.
  14. Exactly, Sledge. U don't have to be a SH to play. If u been playing KAW for over 3 years, u will actually be wanted on a roster.
  15. Hansels will be wanted again, too
  16. Does sound like fun lol, get any takers yet?
  17. Strips.
    Strips everywhere.
  18. Bug a top 50 clan if u want this. Cause WDGAF about the size of players on your roster. We will deal with whoever u bring. Call players from your alliance or wherever to your clan to face us.