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  1. Winston previously said that the gifting idea was going to implemented by a old mod. But they aren’t going down that path anymore.
  2. Old Dev* mods are players who volunteer their time. We aren't developers of the game
  3. Thread unlocked. Wasn't me who locked it but as no reason for the lock was given and I see no reason myself I will open it again to further discussion
  4. Sorry, hadn’t realised I’d put mod! 
  5. I would also like to upgrade my castle. Support.
  6. Just use the castle code guys
  7. Yeah was me that locked the thread the other day, believed my post was posted before locking, which didn’t go through sadly, so here again (hopefully it posts again) for the reason.

    Possible castle upgrades in the future may come depends on the developers.

    For the other players stating the castle code please be aware that it is a violation and can be either forum banned or in game silence for 24 hours if you spread misleading information.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.