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  1. I would like to upgrade my castle again.

  2. Support
  3. SUPPORT 100
  4. Do you guys not have the castle code???
  5. What castle code?
  6. Ah, the castle code!
  7. What stats etc would you like to see if the castle was upgraded?
  8. No support.

    You're not welcome.
  9. Every castle upgrade currently unlocks a game mechanic.

    Level 2 unlocks alchemist
    Level 3 unlocks mage (and transmutation)

    What would level 4 do if it was unlocked? Would its requirements be?
  10. I'm assuming this was what would its requirements be? Well put answer though as a castle upgrade for stats alone isn't really necessary with equipment, charms and allies all providing static stats already so a new castle is only really necessary with a new feature.
  11. The new feature could be an actually useful support system.
  12. Support. Or have it automatically UG based on stats or rank or something like that.

    Similar to events where top 10 stringers get a certain type of castle, top 100, top 1000 etc

    Stat increase might be minimal but offer a point of difference to the gem in each persons kingdom
  13. The dreaded castle code at 4m cs? 
  14. Maybe the dev's could release the new upgrade for the castle to introduce the gifting system. Just a thought but they need some way to release it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.