Carmen the Warrior-Witch

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  1. It took around an hour to go out, but you should have received it by now!
  2. The next event is going to be fairly busy too, but I can understand that there are a lot of things going on. Initially I was going to have the PvP event going on as well. The descriptions for the quests are short due to necessity. Certain parts of the legends have a character limit and there is only so much that can be fit in it. The most important drops from the bowl legends would be Hunters' Tokens, so it depends how many of those you still need!
  3. Thank you for responding Winston, I guess my question more so than what the rewards are, although that is nice to know, is what is meant by the difficulty levels of the challenge, in other words, it says easy, which level of ebs and time limits for those ebs are considered Easy. Or when it says Extremely difficult, knowing what the challenge is, ex: the challenge is Goth to complete in 4 hours, well I would know that is doable for me, however a smaller player could look at that and realize they may not be able to get in a clan that can complete the challenge in the 4 hours so they would need to complete a lower level challenge! I understand it may not fit in the legends itself but could be more detailed in this forum post when the new event was released.
  4. I would like to know if the Dullahan EB drops chests despite number of soldier/spy actions? It seems that in our clan some are getting the chests while others are receiving no chests from participation. Also, seems to be a glitch also with the Legend quest for free chests for completing an EB....seems in showcase after completing 2 of these only getting one Yonakta box instead of 2. Any clarification would be appreciated....Also any input from others experiencing same problems....Thank you :)
  6. From what I’ve seen, I think the people who drop tarot cards are the only ones who get chests during that EB. I’ve gotten a chest every time I’ve dropped tarot cards, but none when I was just participating in the EB w/o dropping cards. Which sucks because I’m all out of cards and I haven’t gotten any drops from the Lycoan EB either so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Nah, you get chest without dropping cards.
    I didn't get every eb a chest, when i dropped cards
  8. I don’t have any bowls
  9. Oh, okay. Are the drops random then? Because I definitely haven’t gotten them every time I’ve hit the EB.
  10. Chest drops are largely random and can be gained whether or not you drop cards
  11. So max enchantment on top 100 banner is x2?
  12. Yup
  13. So what do u do with tokens after that?
  14. They rot on your account with the rest of the unused old event items.
  15. Will there be future opportunities to earn banners ,._. Asking for those of us who were busy last event .unfortunately ._.
  16. @ata

    I only had 30-70 bowls until after I started the side quest, can We be given an option to do all
  17. You can get more bowls from players or from Dullahan Chests
  18. I'm sure there will be more banners in the future!
  19. so u say that current tokens can be used in the future to upgrade other banners?!?

    ... that's not what history of KaW teaches us...
  20. Didn’t say that at all