Carmen the Warrior-Witch

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  1. Carmen the Warrior-Witch

    "Once again, the mysterious soothsayer Tomhasir has appeared before you to deliver a prophecy of doom.

    A warrior-witch named Carmen is headed to your kingdom from across the sea, along with her three sons, Dubh, Dothur, and Dain.

    They bring pestilence, darkness, and strife. They leave behind naught but death.

    You must put an end to their rampage...or be destroyed"

    Dullahan EB

    Dullahan EB is here! Your clan needs to use all six Tarot cards to start this limited Epic Battle and it will award players with a unique Dullahan's Chest.

    Do not forget that Lycoan EB is still active during this event, so you can acquire Tarot cards from there.

    Hunters' Tokens

    During this event players will be able to acquire Hunters' Tokens to upgrade their banners from the previous event! Hunters' Tokens are acquired from Dullahan's Chest as well as the Legends.

    Dunsteel Scrying Bowl

    This event will have an optional Side Legend series that have a cost of Dunsteel Scrying Bowls. You can get these from Dullahan's chest or trade with players for them. Although we're pretty sure that players have plenty of Bowls stored up by now!

    This event will be available from Wednesday, November 7th until Friday, November 23rd at 6 AM PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to Carmen the Warrior-Witch will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Yonakta Box and Royal Yonakta Box.

  2. I hope we get to find out Where in the World Carmen the Warrior-Witch is!
  3. How many bowls per ebb?
  4. Ur eb is actually so trash, the box rewards are trash, u make it seem like the cards are worth something but they unlock an eb as powerful as the awakening
  5. Erm you might want to edit that post lol
  6. The bowls are part of the sublegend.
    25, 100, or 500 for easy, challenging, or extreme difficulty, respectively, to open the legend
  7. Nice. But confusing.
  8. Is there anything that tells us exactly what this challenge is so we can know which difficulty of challenge we want to participate in, if at all?
  9. First eb my items combined to form divine insight. Second eb they formed monarch bun. Only getting this event items from boxes
  10. The banner tokens are not in the dull boxes
  11. Not seeing hunters tokens in the boxes either?
  12. Hunter tokens in box..?
  13. Why can’t I use the tarot cards on the eb?
  14. New ebs don’t drop the right royal chest or items dont match legend either and on top of that there’s no banner upgrade tokens in the boxes
  15. Drops have been fixed now and compensation has gone out. The correct boxes should be dropping from the Dullahan EB now which can reward players with Hunters' Tokens.
  16. Thanks Ape man! Appreciate the quick fix!
  17. When should compensation be rolling out?
  18. I will take the no response as a no!

    Also would like to say, IMO, having so much going on is unnecessary and somewhat annoying. If you are going to have the bowls drop from the Witch eb chest why not start the bowl challenge next event, instead of cramming it all in one event. So clans are trying to run regular event rotation, lycon ebs, witch ebs, and now different ebs to complete this side challenge( which some probably chose wrong level for the simple fact of lack of description of the levels, notsure why the big secret is needed). Otherwise, if knowing they could potentially saved bowls up and ran challenge level for the size player and clan would of been beneficial. Anyways, guess it is what it is, and I'll continue to search for 500 bowl level challenge to know if its worth while to save up bowls for, before choosing!