Captain Spaulding

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  1. It is with sadness in my heart today that I write this. I went on a break for a few months. During that time I ended up losing a dear friend here on kaw. I know many of you knew him. I wrote a small farewell on my clans thread a clan that was actually made by Gage, myself, and spaulding. The name is devil's reject's. I named this clan to center around spauldings username because let's just be honest it's awesome. Spaulding has helped me on countless occasions with two other clans. We met about 2 years ago maybe 3 when he was trolling world chat like he usually did. Spaulding was a funny guy always made clan chat fun. He also always made world chat more active. I remember days in the past when everything was popping in wc when players had loyalty to ones clan. Spaulding like myself was one of the older players in kaw. He had been playing even longer than I had. I started before the highlands came out an roughly a little after ebs started coming out. Spaulding was around for the pwars. Spaulding was a good friend on game and helped with issues I had outside of game as well when I needed the help. He was one of the most loyal players I've met. Always looking out for his clan. I raise a glass to to tonight spaulding you will be missed. I have reopened devil's reject's for those who'd like to see the clan that he wanted to see built up to join us. If nobody does it will be closed. Raise your glasses, watch out for spauldings van and don't accept candy from him if you see his ghost.

    We will miss you Spaulding
  2. #welickedeachotherwhennoonewaslooking
  3. It’s odd to see a kingdom of your size run by such a complete and genuine moron. You shouldn’t bother with KaW or forums.

    You’re a joke dude, and not a funny one
  4. Lol that sounds like it actually happened
  5. He is a small account
  6. You may rest in peace my friend. You are one of a few I call a friend on this game. I always remember how funny you are and made the game more fun when you were around.