Can't connect - my device or KaW?

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  1. Hello everyone, thanks for helping out if you can answer my question.

    I am an alt. My main is located on my phone, while I recently found my old iPOD 4th Generation, which has my alt located on it.

    I am unable to connect onto KaW from my iPOD. KaW is fully updated, and I can't find out why it isn't working. I now have to go on PC to get on.
    The farthest screen I get to is the "loading", afterwards, the application closes itself and goes to the home screen of my iPOD.

    Any ideas why I can't connect? Thanks!

    Ok thanks everyone! I guess it's a problem with my iPOD just being old lol...
  2. It crashes on loading? Yeah mine does that all the time. I suspect it's because it is an older device.

    When this happens to me, I turn my device off and then on again. If that doesn't work, turn off your wifi and load KaW. When it comes up with the no connection screen, turn your wifi back on and go back into KaW. Works for me. If all this fails, delete and reinstall.
  3. My iPod does this a lot as well. I find if I delete the app and re-install it goes well for a cpl weeks, then starts to play up again.
  4. Try to re-install or restart the app, like people have suggested here. You may also want to try to restart the phone.

    If this does not help, you can contact the developers at! :)
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  6. It started doing this on my 1st generation iPad recently. Even a total re-install didn't provide a permanent fix. Works for a few days and then fails to load. In my case, the error logs show that KAW was jettisoned due to a low memory error. If you study it closely you'll see that the count of resident pages taken by KAW increases each time you start the app. So looks like a bug in the latest (October) version of the app.
  7. One of my alts takes multiple attempts to pass the load screen on my iPod touch 2nd gen. You may have that same issue. It also takes at least 5mins to do a complete unload, sometimes booting me off the game in the process lol.

    I would assume the problem is the old device. And the only solution for that is to get a newer device.
  8. U have to much devices link email support they should fix it