cancer fundraiser

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  1. I think there should be a part of the marketplace where can donate gold and every 100 billion gold donated by the kawmunnity the devs donate 1 dollar to cancer research
  2. Or just do it via in-app purchases
  3. No support.
  4. Or you could just donate yourself, and actually feel good about it, rather than trying to make other people do it for you.

    "How does i turn dis virtual coinz into reel mony?"
  5. Or just research an appropriate cancer research organization and donate directly to them yourself.
  6. no support u ***** my uncle just died of cancer
  7. Ive donated over 16 thousand to cancer
  8. I blame television for this world's stupidity of today's life. That is all.
  9. That's not his problem you ****. How about you actually donate yourself then if it's such a big deal and means so much to you, instead of trying to live off of other peoples backs and expect them to do it for you.

    Get a grip.
  10. We should turn virtual gold into a cute for cancer
  11. My uncle just died from it aswell, 98% of his body had cancer. He was diagnosed with 3 weeks to Live in June. He died last week, he fought and fought until he couldn't bare the pain anymore, so he gave in.
    It's a horrible thing yea, but donating through a game that when the line is drawn.
    Donate yourself, go into ur local blood bank and donate, or even donate online. No need to do it over a game about "war."
  12. This is worse than the bank your gold in a partial building idea
  13. @hero_sapphire shut up douche. Alot of people lose family members to cancer including myself. Am I bitching about it in forums? No.

    But putting that aside.. Why don't you explain to us what good a cancer fundraiser does for us? I mean you just said your uncle died of cancer, then you said that you donated 16 thousand dollars... Does this seem worth your time? I'm not saying cancer patients aren't worth it but it seems like we give these people money for nothing.
  14. Yeah GoldenTroll all those immunisations for past diseases they thought were incureable, they actually made them for free off their own bat, just knew how to.

  15. Support... People who are hating on op are selfless. So what if your grandpa grandma parents cousins whoever it is died from cancer. OP is tying to say something to devs to save someone else from crying over the loss of their parents or grandparents. OP is just trying to be nice and offer an idea to the devs and you guys hate on him! This is sad! What's the point of saying no support to a person trying to do a good deed. Sheesh
  16. I wonder if funds are used properly and not wasted  probably could've found so many cures by now if people weren't so lazy, more efficient, and spend countless hours dedicated to stop all these viruses and diseases.
  17. Thanks for the support now I have 69bil gold to help for cancer research
  18. In the uk we had stand up to cancer last night fund raiser on TV and the reached 14mil pounds... And to all the idiots saying why bother donating... How about because 1 in 2 people with cancer can be cured that's a big improvement in like 5 years so it won't be long till they can cure it in everyone