CANCELLED: The Observers vs Stonehills

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  1. UPDATE: Stonehills have withdrawn from the War. Event is Canceled :|

    Hey guys, it's me, your friendly neighborhood Corinthian, with an important announcement. But first, a question:


    I hope so, because this weekend, on Saturday, July 15th at 6 AM PDT/2 PM UTC/11 PM Tokyo time, The Observers will be hosting a 1 hour system war against their sworn (not really, we don't swear) enemies the Stonehills.

    But sir, I'm just a humble forumer. What care do I have for your humble war of the wet noodles? Putting it simply:

    If you compare the two clans, you'll notice a few things. If you check the EB history, you'll see that the Stonehills have anywhere from, say, 7-15 players active. The Observers, meanwhile, have anywhere from 1-5 players active in any given EB. Sure, we have a couple that hit off the Battle List or designated personal farming targets, but the size gap is huge.

    That leads to the next comparison - the CS of the opposing sides. In this regard, I am currently #1 in my clan with a little more than 41 mil CS. In the opposite corner, the Stonehills have players approaching 100 mil CS active. Half of The Observers active players are newbies who just got their 100 Legend turn-in, or are working towards it.

    Corinthian! What are you doing? Why would you walk your clan into this David and Goliath of the Tinies match? I'm glad you asked. The reason is, the Stonehills really want to flex their rusty joints and do a system war with ANYONE around their size. Unfortunately, despite much petitioning in world chat, only The Observers are man-enough (dumb enough) to accept their offer. However, the Stonehills want to pretend they are at war, so we need members. Ideally, members without more than 120 mil CS, but anyone who wants can participate. I won't be kicking folks for this, but both of us will be EXCLUDE-ing members of our clans who are opting out of this match.

    This will probably be chaos. However, when's the last time you had a dust-up outside of the Legends system? Let's be honest - you were only hitting an OSF or getting your participation badge, anyways. At the worst, this will be worst than indi. At best, this will spark competitive hatred that will last beyond the war for some players. You could even join the Stonehills, if they will take you.

    So what are you waiting for? You don't have to join now, but don't forget to sign-up below and get ready for the in-tents action.

    This war organized by two folks who have no idea what they are doing. Any discomfort, fatigue, exasperation, tiredness, annoyances, or other bother is to be accounted for. By joining, members agree to pretend they are fighting in CC, claim to have bought thousands of potions, and otherwise make it appear like something is actually happening during the war. Silent participants are excused as long as they claim they were asleep, even if they were the top participants. This event has not yet been rated by the ESRB or the MPAA, and has not been approved by the FDA. Participate at your own risk. i.e. Tell your friends.
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    PS: Yes, I know there's no Declare War option for 1 hour. But, that's what the Stonehills requested. Maybe we can get developer support here under the community wishlist response? "In order to facilitate this we are going to be working more closely with players to create user generated content around PVP." This is a system war, but still. Alternatively, we will just snapshot the score at the 1 hour mark, and then FFA if we aren't already (or the losing side forfeits, whichever).

    On a related note, The Observers are currently running Battle Royale to celebrate this insane reckless plot! As expected, we're probably going to fail! Hooray!

    UPDATE: We passed thanks to crystals from me and B (who joined in). Now doing HTE: Blood Rains to celebrate and fail that instead (we don't even have HTE unlocked :D ).

    UPDATE to the UPDATE: We passed the HTE: BR way easier. Seems nobody will join for free items Battle Royale, but will for HTE: BR in general (although it was ffa). :roll: We ended up closing it out with a couple RoTWB, so that was a little more of an after-party than I expected. :ugeek:

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    We were asked to. It seemed like a terrible idea. The forums and overall community need terrible ideas as much as I need to lose sleep more often.
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    Id join but rewards from system wars been gone for quite a while
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    You mean there's no benefit to doing this? That means this is practically an OSW! (not really)

    How exciting! Fighting for no steaks at all (which is good, since people really don't like Miss Steaks, and as Steaks usually come from Cows, are practically all Steaks)! I like it :mrgreen:

    It's like this will be a..'skirmish' or something.

    I do understand not wanting to participate when every action is forced into soul-sucking calculations for the event payouts, though. Props to you for min-maxing your time the way you can, and who knows? Maybe this will highlight a current gap in the Legends system (which I may point out again a few more times in various idea threads).
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    Can I join? I'm a total noob but have nothing else to do with my time. :geek:
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    You're right on the bleeding edge. Come on down! Just remember I think the war has a 4 hour countdown timer to start (once we get closer), so you'll need to be in before that ;)
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    Why just an hour? That's lame. Throw it back, way back, and do a 48 hour death match. Then I will consider it
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    @me-pwn-you-long-time, the request was only for an hour, and even if I extended the war to the full available times for the Stonehills, they wouldn't be able to participate for the duration - having asked for "any one hour."

    That said, those 48 hour wars were the last time I did system wars. Nowadays I can't really support that myself (without taking activity hits / clan self-pinning aid (or more notice/coordination with life), but I know what you mean.

    I did say this was a showmatch in the title though :p
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    I so want to participate but I'll be working at that time :/ support though
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    What's more important? Work and bills? Or fighting a digital war?
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    It seems shifter won't have to make that decision. The Stonehills have withdrawn from the war, as they were unaware of war mechanics such as the wait times and the like. Withdrawl was done in private message around 0030 PDT on 13 July, 2017.

    I have updated the top of the OP to reflect this.

    Related @ATA, can we get an overhaul of the old war system to somewhat match Legend Wars - for practice? Having gigantic wait times with no event payouts really hurts anyone trying to organize these. Additionally, the short EE's were introduced because the big complaint was that war times were too long - for a system war to not even award Legend items, 62 hours (48 hour war plus wait time) is quite a while to not be earning anything towards Legends (unless they are in Weekend PVP).

    Towards the community, I am quite bummed also, but at least it wasn't a last-minute cancel. For anyone who is upset, I kindly direct you to the small print in the OP that I thought someone would quote to read.
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    Oooo the nubs pulled out
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    Are you obsessed with me and the goings on in this clan??
    You comment on every single posting i make and almost all of the other recent postings on the forums with nothing but trolling and hate. Almost like you have way to much time on your hands :D Bit sad really
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    You have 15 posts... It isn't hard
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    You're a funny one :D
  18. Personally I would like to see a revamp of the old clan war system, what better thing would bring about clan loyalty than a clan fighting together for a common goal not involving ebs!