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  1. Please don't misconstrue this. I don't care if your pro-Trump or pro-Hillary. Get the hell out the road! People have to work to make your living. And what the hell now we got middle school students leaving to protest. Where the hell are there parents?
    Get real people.
    P.S. if I catch you burning my flag. I'll break you into lil teeny tiny pieces and bury you alive!
    Sincerely yours truly Catfish
  2. Skuz brush lives matter too
  3. I got enough scuzz brush in boot. #burnallskuzzbrushwithfire
  4. Support
  5. TRUMP 2020

  6. Dwayne Johnson 2020

  7. Our flag*
  8. Question mark
  9. I'm pretty sure most of the people doing that don't play this game...
  10. 100% Support!!!!
  11. Texas vs Johnson in 1989 the supreme court ruled the burning of an American flag as an act of free speech which is protected under the first amendment

    I don't support the burning of the flags but I don't condemn it all amendments are to be protected just like the 2nd but if you don't support their right to free speech you don't support any amendments
  12. Had Trump won the popular vote and Hillary the electoral college I can only imagine the havoc that would has ensued...

    People have the right to protest...if you don't like it move to a country where they gun you down if you protest
  13. Cool
  14. As a combat vet, it is simple. People are allowed to speak their minds in the United States because of the Constitution. Millions have served and died protecting that right, as have I. It would be hypocritical to tell an American they cannot burn a flag because of that precedent held up in court.

    That being said, having taken an oath to protect this country, if ever I see someone disrespecting my flag, I would use that oath to protect to include the flag. Any means necessary to prevent the desecration of my country.
  15. Exactly, you'd have to go outside
  16. First I would like to thank you for your service and my family has a rich background in the military and I'm gonna join I would have sooner but I broke my ankle

    That being stated the oath you took was to protect the Constitution, the American people and the american way of life

    If you pick a flag over those principles you didn't learn anything in your time of duty to the country because the flag is an ideal you can destroy the flag but as long as the people and the Constitution is intact and safe the ideal will survive....... And that Constitution protects that right and if any act is taken like you described that is an affront to the Constitution and you didn't defend it
  17. Full support! Wait till I'm able to drive and someone is blocking the roads with protest! I'm running someone over 