Can I use hotel names in my book?

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  1. I am writing a book. I have done research but it is still not clear for me. Can I use the names of the Las Vegas hotels/casinos in my book? The story is (in the chapter that involves them) a fire bursts out in the Luxor and the characters escape to the Mandalay Bay. One character turns to demon and chases the other character through the Mandalay Bay and into the damaged Luxor. They visit the other casinos (names might be mentioned). Can I use the names of the casinos? I heard that the company might not like it if I use the name of the Luxor with the fire. So can I use the Luxor and the names of the other casinos or do I have to make up names for them?
  2. I don't see why not
  3. There are no copyright laws against works of fiction ;) ur free to use whatever
  4. Nothing against it as such so go for it :)
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. I assume since you're asking this (and since you're asking it HERE of all places) this isn't going to be a real published book

    So do whatever you want
  7. lol true 
  8. Dude... that's the next Tolkien.
  9. Wait... You're telling me a day in the life of a wandering villager isn't a real published book?
  10. Wandering villager deserves a bump tbh
  11. To the best of my knowledge ( which is not legally binding )

    You may use real place names, however when doing so take into consideration the context to which you are writing.

    For example " the food at mac Donald's was disgusting, Emily complained to the manager" would be seen as a derogatory statement in the book to which Mac Donald's would take action against due to deformation of their establishment.
    While " Emily met Derick at Mac Donald's" could be seen to promote them and be favourable.

    When using any restaurant, school or business it is best to consider how you wish to write about them. If the context is questionable, could cause offence or confusion to real events, then it's probably best to make up a place name.

    Artistic license will afford you far more control of events within your creative structure for a fantasy / fiction novel.

    When writing about cities, states, counties or countries it should be fine.
    Though consider context and any offence caused.
    For example marvel making up foreign countries as bad guy states for films and comics due to causing offence.

    Also think Harry Potter and places. Fiction gives freedom. Businesses are fictional as are the schools and characters. Yet the city of London and railway station reference real places.

    The murder taking place in New York should be totally fine.

    "Specific Country is full of expletive" supporters would gain instant disapproval and probably ban your book being published there.

    At the end of the day. Write your book as you see fit for the draft copy.
    Ensure you approach good publishers with experienced legal teams, they will advise of any changes you need to make to avoid litigation or breaches of copyright.

    And unless you are reporting real facts. Avoid real people whenever possible.

    Adding disclaimers will also help. Ie the characters and events contained here in are fictional and have no relation to any living person or business. Etc.

    Best of luck writing your novel. Have fun with it.