Can I just clear up Ebola?

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  1. 20000 People in the world have ebola
    4000 People in the world have died from ebola
    8 People outside of Africa have ebola
    21 Days before it shows symptoms
    During that time it IS contagious
    This is a more contagious strain
    50% Die from ebola
    You DON'T have to make physical contact with the person, they may just need to sneeze within a five metre radius of you
    There is an untested cure from Japan

    It's being way overhyped by the media, we DO NOT need the constant updates, we DO NOT need conspiracy theories, and why do you think the Governments of the world aren't doing anything about ebola? Because a grain of sand on a beach has ebola.

    So please stop posting about ebola, please stop crying about ebola, and if you think ebola will kill millions, you really are stupid
  2. Double post. /lock
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.