Can I just clear up Ebola?

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  1. 20000 People in the world have ebola
    4000 People in the world have died from ebola
    8 People outside of Africa have ebola
    21 Days before it shows symptoms
    During that time it IS contagious
    This is a more contagious strain
    50% Die from ebola
    You DON'T have to make physical contact with the person, they may just need to sneeze within a five metre radius of you
    There is an untested cure from Japan

    It's being way overhyped by the media, we DO NOT need the constant updates, we DO NOT need conspiracy theories, and why do you think the Governments of the world aren't doing anything about ebola? Because a grain of sand on a beach has ebola.

    So please stop posting about ebola, please stop crying about ebola, and if you think ebola will kill millions, you really are stupid
  2. Ok I'm sorry Einstein, you must know more than all of the scientists and politicians who have all the information.
  3. Haha noob trys to be smart ......and makes an ass of himself saying lick instead of lock..

    I agree with op ......

    But the fact is countries outside africa wont deal with this unril it hits our shores seriously
  4. @paris^
    Actually, that was my fat fingers, it was meant to say lock but anyway, **** happens :)
  5. So many things wrong with facts in the thread its unbelievable. Im actually thinking we need a proper thread...
  6. Can we just have one all purpose Ebola thread? Too many dumb ass people that think they have something interesting to say making a new thread about it.
  7. Soooo you posting about ebola to tell people to stop posting about ebola helps how? This information is on the other 200 threads already made. This is being hyped up just as bad as h1n1 and sars. Only reason it's worse is Africa are the conditions.
  8. Did you know that Ebola also affects your balance and equilibrium?

    Guess which kid in the study below has Ebola.

  9. so... if you had any relatives or friends who had ebola, you wouldn't be worried or care at all?
    good job idiot
  10. It is not contagious during the 21 days...
  11. Ebola isn't an airborne virus... Death rate is closer to 70% and your morbidity figures are off too, you can't say 50% death rate for this current outbreak as it hasn't run full course yet. Those that have it (CDC figures suggest 5k w/ 47% death) will die it far greater numbers as time progresses for sheer fact that their viral load isn't great enough to overcome the bodies immune system yet.

    Check your Mercks Manual before pretending to be educated on the subject; but you probably don't have one of those do you :)

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt -Lincoln
  12. Mexican word of the day EBOLA: Juan went to the bowling alley and ebola strike
  13. 
  14. Bickering and being little bitches on the forum doesn't help either so posting a thread is useless and stupid.
  15. You're telling peope to stop posting about Ebola? When you just did? You're one dumbass hypocrite. You could of just posted this useless **** on the other Ebola threads.
  16. No, you cannot just clear up ebola
  17. Lol, do you know anything about virology? Or at least something of science?! Dumb people everywhere!
  18. Omg how many more threads do we need on this subject let it die already the flu and dwi's and hiv has killed more ppl than ebola no support