Bye bye wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXD3mOnXx, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. I get to keep my #496 rank without a war? kind of work for me.
  2. Rip to those so close
  3. Apologies to those looking to war this morning.
    It seems the wars did not show up on the schedule. I'm going to poke he team and get this sorted out asap.
  4. Ppl like you make me laugh. Ppl have taken time out of busy schedules to war , for event, ee, love of war or whatever, and can't....that's why folks are upset. I think it's funny you think this is just over an event, and for those warriors that put in blood, sweat and tears to hit top 500, 100, or whatever...don't sum up their hard work in a ridiculous statement.
  5. Rip MOG byebye kaw no war no game
  6. It better be sorted or else...
  7. More wars were scheduled, but war 3 (last war of event) still doesnt exist. Fix pls.
  8. M8 why do u care
    And no support to the suggestion
  9. Cuz i got a boring night at work today and want to war. Okey? And i support u stop being supported by ur mum. Okey?
  10. My boi baljeet getting angry ATA, better fix it

  11. Im doing a quick survey, its only one question

    1. Whats the name of your main

    Dont worry, this is purely scientific and no harm* will be done to you

    *im going to farm you for funzies
  12. Im afraid with your size you cant farm this account, and will be nowhere near the hitrange of my main soo.. yeah i forgot.. whats the point of telling u lol. Like cmon dude ur like 80mcs and u have losers noobs and alts clan tags
  13. Lmao im not gonna farm your alt and If im not in the range of your main then you shouldn't have an issue telling me the name of it

    Im pretty sure i already know but just want to confirm ☻
  14. Ok lets hear it 
  15. I would've got above 500 rank with that War!