Buying their way to the top

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  1. $20 then got u 18-20 bill in gold before highlands now it gets u like 30-35 bill depending on where ur at with ur build. As I said 90% was dine before highlands do u need me to use. Signlanguage dude
  2. Let me explain why I have more wins. It's because I have spent countless hours playing warring pwarring. That is why my wins are closing in on 70k

    And the reason I am ranked higher is because I have 500billion in ally's. So yes you may appear stronger. But your clearly a nob spending pwar failure. 
  3. Mmmmm noob never drop. The leader of one of the stongest clans in KAW drop allies to get gold to build. Dumb noob
  4. lol
  5. Thor:

    Don't forget about pure spies. I spent a year playing as pure spy. You don't get LB or "battles won" notched on the headboard, but you still make money and progress.
  6. Only noobs drop ally's plain and simple
  7. Maybe he can afford to. By your moaning u shouldn't off bothered you couldnt afford it
  8. BB are not a strong clan. Just a bunch of pwar noobs. You don't even know how to play the game for real.

  9. A nob spending pw failure? Lol ur funny lol my starts look better and I still have couple hundred bill in allies. And have doubt much lest time here than u. Ur starting to get me to changing my mind on buying my way to the top. Lol stop it man
  10. I see the plain method don't get through to you. Head must be dense with stupidity. 
  11. Mmmmm clan pwing to help it's people grow is bad? And help peeps in wc grow with it and runs is bad? Mmmm figures forums always end up with a few tards answering them and polluting the wall. I just asked for opinions not to be called names.
  12. Btw BB have quite a few top 50 people in it and from time to time come through we must do something right.
  13. If you have deep pocket, you can LCBC in a week and top of overall, alliance, value (with help from others-volley) in a month. But the battle LB is the real deal. You need actual hit the attack button to win, unless you botting, which very obvious to catch and will end up in banning.

    Couple of thousands won't get you anywhere near LB.
  14. Whine whine whine. Cash is king. The devs made this app so they could earn money. This is why the app exists. It isn't a charity. Make game time more important than cash and the revenue and this app will be dead before you can say the word "noob"
  15. 24 crystals a day will help though :roll:
  16. Agreed silver not whinning just asking how others feel is all. Thanx Maj for posting. Heck I remember when I did spend real dough O was called a cheat by the people in my clan I was in at the time.
  17. @Maj how much u drop for this game? 8k?

    I know a friend who was here from start he was on the lb with 400k combined stats…400k
  18. Listen you wonder why your ranked 2200 and I am 1600 that's a big difference. It's ally's I never dropped my ally's to grow if I had I would be bc by now.

    Instead I use the money ally trading to build and grow my ally stats. To help win battles. How many wars have you been in system or none. 0 maybe 1 or 5 tops. I have been in over 25 system wars. And several none system wars. I stock 100bil plus in pots. You stock any pots? What maybe a few hundred defense ?

    I know you think your tough and strong. All I am doing is giving you my opinion. And my opinion is your a pwar noob
  19. Ok well I'm out pls feel free to post while I am away. And to u that want to call names I will be enjoying my $200,000 , 3,100 square foot house with game room and basketball court and 2 4 wheelers and all that junk while u call me names. I could drop more dough but choose not too so peace. To the other thanx for posting.