Butthurt has become official

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  1. Yeah I don't travel much lol
  2. I really don't mind adding new words. Language is a living thing, it changes with the times, and it fills our need to express things.

    That said, I don't like "butthurt", mostly for its overuse, and general obnoxiousness of the comments that use it.

    What's Grexit/Brexit...?

  3. Are you perhaps.. Butthurt about it being overused? :cool: Ok.. Going back to my corner..
  4. Oh...
    So it isnt a medical term.
  5. You is so overused. Please just stop it
  6. Soon the dictionary is going to be destroyed by all these millenials slang terms that are ridiculously stupid
  7. I think "swamp donkey" should of made it before "butthurt".
  8. I can't agree with this more... And I'm one of those "millenials" 
  9. I agree
  10. Ive heard people say both words... beer thirty when its 30 minutes passed the hour. And beer o'clock when its on the hour....

  11. Grexit is a term for the idea of Greece leaving the EU ... Brexit is same for Britain leaving the EU.
  12. We've pretty much entered the age idiocricy.
  13. Personally 'Man spreading' is fun....
  14. tf is a brain fart
  15.  one could almost bump the butthurt report form.

    Though it is sad that society rather than aspiring to a more appropriate style of language. Written or verbal, just adds any made up word after a length of time.
    Could you imagine any of the great poets using butthurt.

    Alas poor Yorick he was in truth, most butthurt.
  16. Butt hurt is not really a made up word but to be honest wouldn't butthurt be perceived as something different in a politically correct world people would use the literal diffinition where someone butt hurts
  17. I was just I about to make a thread on this.
    Well played, happy butthurt is now a word.
  18. The dedication that you put in a butthurt thread is so exquisite and childish. Wasting valuable information for a simple word that requires zero celebration.
  19. "Fast Casual"...

    Yup.. That about sums up how I do it..