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  1. How to strategically bump your thread.

    *A mild thread from me. #15minutes


    My name is An...AJ and I'n here to teach you a basic foruming skill. Some of you may know how to do this, most of you do it on accident. Allow me to clear up the confusion.

    Alright. You poured your heart and soul into making a thread. You finally work up the courage to post it. Those first few minutes are agonizing. The view count rises from 1 to 18 and you get that giddy feeling. You know someone is about to post on your thread.

    Then it happens. Your thread falls down from one slot. And another. And another. Pretty soon, you're master piece is teetering at the edge of page 2.

    What the hell right? You worked so hard on this thread and nothing? Fine. Screw it. No more threads from me. You check one more time. Finally! A post! Wait.. It's from a troll...Well then.

    ---If you've read this far, I respect you. You are awesome.---

    How to avoid a sinking thread:

    There are many ways to avoid a "sinking" thread. Without seeming like a post count farmer and to avoid the, "ur twead sucks bruh." But here are the most important.

    Reserved -

    If you're unsure of the thread your posting, just post the main body first. Don't reserve the second post. Just wait till it's going to leave AT.

    Troll the troll -

    You remember that troll that posted? Troll him back. If he posted nothing that contributes to the OP, quote him and ask him to kindly leave WHEN the thread is teetering off the edge again. Simple enough right? And 9/10, the troll will come back.

    The questioner -

    Do you have a KaW buddy? Someone you can tell you're going to sleep in OSW and you won't wake up stripped the next morn(provided you have your phone turned up and you aren't drunk/tired from the work day and are just a heavy sleeper)?

    Put him to work.

    Have him post a question about the OP. But don't answer it. Wait for that troll to appear. Comment about the troll. Then, if the thread continues to die, answer the question. Two in one.

    And when in doubt:

  2. #TL;DDR
  3. You see this post here? You can manipulate this post to keep your thread in AT.

    If it was about to be pushed off, I would say, "I actually love the women in the gif."

    *Words in quote edited.

  4. Nice, hopefully it will help some people out. I've definitely been there.
  5. Still trying to work out LMGTDP...

    Last Minute Good Thread Don't Plagiarise?

  6. You see this? A question? This is what you look for. This what you need.

    Late MGTD Post
  7. I got your back jack (...AJ...)
  8. I don't like the VK conspiring together

  9. Conspire? Nah. I just said I was posting a bumping thread in VaC PM and here we are.

    *They are getting smarter Moody*
  10. Conspiring is such a mischievous word...

    We just have meetings where our leader reveals an idea and we follow. A bit like below:

    Who is our leader? I'll never say :p

    *did I turn the heat off us to an imaginary leader AJ??*
  11. why would you want to hit her if shes doing that to you?
  12. Maybe she is actually a he :O
  13. Aj stahp, this is secret information
  14. Bump op. Now go home. You're boring
  15. I blame bob for all the VK's conspiring
  16. Now that's how to bump a thread