bullying pregnant women.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Starwolf, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. I find it inhumane to bully a pregnant woman endlessly. That's exactly what Dizzy is doing. Stress harms the unborn baby.
  2. If someone is stressed out to an unreasonable degree by a game, maybe they shouldn't be playing the game. Put down the phone for a change.

    This is a war game, not a safe space.
  3. Have them block them.

    They won't appear on walls, pm or event on wc these days.

    If they choose not to block, then who's really at fault? :ugeek:
  4. dun be upsetti, hab sum spaghetti
  5. Just block em
  6. Blocks in place but attacks go on... And destroying the fun. Sigh... Devs made pvp events and wars...
    And I disagree very much on a pregnant woman having to leave cause of some guy with too much testosteron.
    There is no honour in bullying ever.
  7. In the end she ought to do what's in the best interest of the baby ofcourse... But..
  8. @ Moody... Walled You already... But I am taken back by your reaction. Blocks are in place, walls are clear... What's your problem? Being judgemental here? favouring bullies?
  9. You're the one that thinks I don't have the back of the pregnant person involved - so I believe it is you that is being overly defensive.

    I'm happy to hear the blocks are in place. In that regard, purely in kaw there is absolutely no damage that words can do to the individual in terms of the possible damage to the mental health or unborn infant.

    When it comes to pvp, if the player is being attacked in the game by somebody, and that is the harassment of which you speak, then there's little to be done other than bank and take it or drop build and bank further.

    Other than that there's nothing moderators, developers or players here on this forum can do.

    I apologise if you felt I was completing a personal attack, I was simply offering advice.
  10. Maybe don't play a war game, being pregnant or not don't stop people from playing kaw, anyone who thinks devs or mods will tell someone to stop attacking players is mistaken

    Developers created the game the way they did, so everyone can attack everyone any time all the time, and that's not changing

    I feel for your friend but if it gets to stressful put it down, she got to think about her baby
  11. Dizzy and White Star have been in a 1 vs 1 for months, this has never been brought up until now, I'm inclined to believe that it may be a tactic to avoid the continued pvp. And even if she is truly pregnant(no way to actually prove it without personal info being revealed and therefor not allowed by technicality) then there is still nothing anyone can do.

    KaW is a game that was built on pvp, and people who are pregnant still involve themselves in OSW daily, this should be no different. If you are to stressed to continue a pvp, then simply figure out your CF terms and deal with it. It's not really hard.

    Pvp is not bullying. If you can't handle being hit, you shouldn't be playing this game. Again a principle this game was founded on; being pregnant technically doesn't change that fact, as you can simply opt out, stop playing until the pregnancy is over(because really this wonderful creation that is life is WAY more important then any video game) or keep going like the many many others on here who choose to do so without complaining.
  12. I could simply say Dizzy is hormonal, and being a bloke, eont back down or stop because his "hormones" wont let hin
  13. Hahaha... Isn't that a stupid argument? As if guys hormones can even come close to a woman's hormonal impact. its why she can get babies.  how dumb can you be.
  14. Hero, dizzy sets no realistic cf terms... She cant meet them. That changes the story for 180%, right? She can't get out...cause hé won't let her.

    There is no honour what so ever in an o going pvp... It's Not sporty and it's not equal... It's bullying. In an equal honourable pvp.. Two equals fight and one respects the winner for winning. When not.. Dont talk yourself into believing you are in a pvp when one isn't enjoying it.
  15. You have to have some issues if a game really impacts you that much.
    If it was truly a concern, one would put the game down.
    Unless of course, kaw is more important than a kid.
  16. People pvp all the time, for every reason under the sun, with terms that range from the simple to the utterly asinine, that isn't new either and still isn't classified as bullying as it is in the nature of this game. There will always be bigger accounts, accounts with better/more equipment or better backing, it happens, I've been on the receiving end of such things as well. Nothing new there.

    Again this pregnancy was only brought up recently, this pvp has been going for months. Whose to say that it's even legitimate and not just another way they are trying to get out of the pvp or seek sympathy, I don't intend disrespect; but I'm simply skeptical.

    And that doesn't change my other statement. They could simply put the game down until they've had their baby. No one is forcing them to play. If it's simply too stressful, then remove the stress. Complaining on here will not do anything to change the pvp. It might even make it worse.
    If they choose to play a game designed for pvp while pregnant, then that is on them.
  17. Yeh don't know any background to this, don't know who is involved in this supposed bullying and don't know why this involves the whole game. Do you know why that is? Because you have made a one sentence thread explaining absolutely nothing to me.
  18. Guys' hormonal swings can very freqently rival women's. It isn't generally acknowleged because there aren't dramatic physical symptoms to accompany the swings, but they are a very real medical phenomenon and many have had to seek treatment the same way many women have.
  19. I just can't take this level of stupidity today...bullying pregnant woman? What are you 7?
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