Bullying "can be good for children"

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  1. So your entire argument depends on the bullying being limited to someone pushing in line.

    Do the bullies know that? Are they aware that bullying is a limited endeavor that can always be stopped by the victim with a single small action? Are they aware that a victim standing up to them is always to be treated with respect and acceptance rather than a more vicious response?

    I like these solo bullies who easily back down rather than retaliating. I like how they also learn life lessons and resolve never to bully again. I especially like how the victim did not have to be nasty to effectivly stand up.

    At least you are backtracking from your former position, which included defending WWII German fascists, and arguing their victims could have just stood up against them for the betterment of all.
  2. I em bulied evri dai I dun net kno wy halp meh
  4. Well in all honesty, woifie did have a bully when he was a small puppy. Shy and not a sign of aggregation me.

    But some guy pushed me a little too far, so yeah we had a fight in class. Everyone crapped themselves because they never seen me even harm a fly, let alone hitting n kicking.

    After it no more bullies, even got the mike Tyson award for end of year leavers :lol: so yeah standing up to bullies helps. I'm still that same quite kid just getting on with his work but life has been for the better since I stood up to mine.

    But I have to say though standing up to bullies doesn't always prove to help it does have a small chance of it getting worse.
  5. Wolfie: Standing up to bullies dose not make things worse it actually helps things. If you don't do anything about it than you will be bullied for the rest of your life and you might have dark thoughts.
  6. 2 things I thought while away....

    (1) What if you are not bullied in school but you are bullied in social game (ex. Kaw)? Isn't that considered?
    (2) If many agree to this (IF), how would you make bullies bully not that bad and not that weak? Humans aren't a robot to control their behavior and if this idea had been aproved then bullies would bully ppl more because of this excuse:
    "Please bring it back to me my mother made it for me...."
    "Why would I? You must even thank me because we are helping you be brave!"
    "Please, I am hungry.."
    "Help yourself! Hahaha!"

    (see? Ppl who face bullies must not face them just because "it can help students" but because it is in their behavior to help someone in need. A true hero do everything without an exchange for something but he/she do it because that's what his/her heart and will told him (Don't try to be silly and compare this to science).
  7. Bullying builds character? Hmm.
    I'm gonna also throw a couple of websites up...

    how about
    http://www.bullyingstatistics.org/conte ... icide.html

    or maybe

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ ... o_bullying

    Why, instead of focussing on the supposed benefits of this aberrant and abhorrent behaviour, think on what it might cost someone.....

    Now dont get me wrong... I was bullied until I floored a guy in science class. Didnt make me friends, just got them to leave me alone. However, what I went through to get to that point was atrocious and should never have been allowed to continue in the schoolyard. iT SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO GO THAT FAR!

    Bullies are NOT doing victims a service by building character., They instead, are walking a path of criminal intent, getting away with ASSUALT. Their character is being flawed, not the victims character being strengthened.
  8. You'll never know if what will they do next don't you?.......
  9. Exactly, Alaissa, someone with no qualms beating a kid for his lunch money, when they are older, could be the person with a baseball bat breaking into a shop and beating the owner for the cash register.
  10. O.O

    Well you can't control bullies anyway and you'll also never know if what are they thinking right now.... So they are dangerous....
    Being a hero doesn't mean you are ready for the challenges of the world anyway, because even how brave you are, you still had some values to learn in life.....
  11. I couldn't agree more with the OP. Bullying taught me to man up!
  12. I pvp em all Irl
  13. Totally agree I can get money and free food. Support.
  14. Yay for schoolyard beatdowns, hella support
  16. Bumping cos this is a half decent thread and forums has been pretty dead lately, so heres a decent read
  17. Cyber bullying is a joke. End of discussion

  18. Decent read what a joke,guess you don't consider all the teen suicides over bully are proof that bullying is dangerous.I was never bullied my size as a child growing up stopped that but if I saw it happening to others well let's just say their bullying ways came to a screaming halt.
    This thread should be locked for its stupidity.
  19. As bad as you can call it, it clearly has something good about it w/ over 100 replies