Build Wars... Again... Again...

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  1. Well... Since it apparently it got removed from AT for my computer apparently, but not from my ipad idk what happened. But I would rather have it on it for both devices so...

    Build Wars

    What are build wars?

    Well... Its something that I came up with cause I'm really bored, but...

    Build Wars are a type of war where you have to make up a build strategy on the spot. You're old build is replaced with a totally empty one. You get a certain amount of gold, no matter what your current CS is and you have to think of a build that would work with whatever amount of gold you have. There are no allies in this gamemode, so all money will be spent on actual structures or spells. When the war is over, your old build is returned. This gamemode will only be in stuff like Chaos Wars.

    How Long do you get to Work on a Build?

    You get an hour to think about your build, and build it. You cannot change your build once it starts. The amount of gold you get should change each times to make people refrain from using the same thing over and over again.

    What is the Amount of Gold you Actually Gain From This?

    The amount of gold you get is what you contribute to the war. Each side both get the gold, but the winning side gets more mith as always.

    Couldn't We Just Make Sure We Counter Whatever Builds They're Making?

    No, you will have no access to they're stats, or anything. You will only be able to Attack or Spy on them when the match starts.

    What if I Just Didn't Build Anything?

    You would still be able to get attacked, there is no limit to how far up you can attack, and how far down during this war.

    Chaos Build Wars

    This is build wars with a twist,

    These Twists May Include:
    No Spies
    No Towers
    No (insert certain building here)
    Pre-made allies
    Unknown Stats

    Please post your thoughts on this Idea, and I will answer any questions you may have.
  2. really like the idea, but dont like how you cant see your opponents stats. Maybe you cannot change your build once war starts?
  3. No spy builds???
  4. You can't.
  5. ok wtf, apparently the old one reappeared again... /lock this?
  6. People would just chooses the build they already have.
  7. How would they do that if they don't have enough gold?
  8. Noo stables to op
  9. looks like a good idea :)
  10. Spy builds too easy to DTW. I like the idea... Support!
  11. Full support
  12. I support this I don't see any way of exploiting this
  13. I think this is a great idea full support
  14. Though I do think the gold you get to build with should be at least enough to build max lvl on all your buildings and I think the first two, 1 cost mith spells should be supplied for this. As the gold to build with is limited it will be hard to buy mith for the war unless devs set a price say 100mil (or whatever) for mith during these wars, with a max buy of 12 mith per war. So you can only buy the 6 cost spells if you chose to
  15. Would be awesome! Support!
  16. I also like the idea of having an ASW type war with these build your war build mechs except, everyone would have all 75 lands to work with and enough gold to facilitate maxed buildings on all lands. Also there would be a set bfa, or no bfa for these wars. You build what you want within an hour then get randomly selected rosters with dev made clans your put in to war.
  17. A very interesting idea. Support
  18. I like the idea, but what about potions? Would these be bought as well or would you be able to use your existing supply of potions?