Build Changes Overhaul

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  1. No support.
  2. Food for thought.

    Those using statements like
    Are speaking from a very limited perspective.

    Yes, a proposal such as this will be game altering completely. It encourage variance in builds, can avoid the stagnation of being one build forever.

    Can it be abused? Yes, as can the existing system.

    Personally I am in favor of something like this, or the ability once every ______months to be able to swap builds. Your build dictates how you can do in the game. Being able to switch every few months keeps the game fun/fresh.
  3. No support.
  4. Why why why why why?

    Lel YY dropped build!

    Seriously though, WHYY?
  5. Like you said in your OP, when people start to build up on abyss, they usually know what they're going for. Meaning they've tried every aspect of the game and decided that this build is the way they want to proceed but if they regret it later that's on them.

    Personally, I've been a hansel my entire kawreer. Never tried any other build, never been anything but a hansel, because that's what I like and that's my choice in build. I've tried every aspect of the game, and hansel is what I chose to go. If I regret it when I'm already build complete then that's why fault, and should cost me what it cost me for my mistake.

    It would be cool thing to do, but personally you make your build choice when you're building the other 3 sets of lands, when you reach abyss you should know what you like.

    In other words, keep it as is.
  6. I like the idea but see how it could be exploited...

    How about if each land area had an additional 5 "reserve" lands that would have to be unlocked and built on. You would be able to switch a building with one you have on your reserve lands.

    You would be limited to 10 switched per day.
  7. S'port.
  8. Put thought into your build and pay if you change your mind. I'm In the middle of changing my build right now
  9. No support - understand the original concept wasnt developed as a gold sink as gold was hard to earn however as a balance for pvp, osw etc. to stop clans swapping entire rosters for strips to stop players easily creating farms etc there is a good reason why it was created and a very good reason why it should stay. As you said with ll wars it's cheap and not necessary. The only way it could be implemented is to allow a war build for ee at a cost of x. Game changer no game killer yes - one day you may understand the game you play.
  10. Leave lowlands out of it! They are fine the way they are, even playing field for everyone.
  11. tbh this would be great for smaller players playing LL wars.
  12. Ehhhh it seems too easy. Say I was in OSW, well every night I could just max tower up and become invincible. Come day time I could go 0 towers and make tons of plunder.
  13. Okay I have a solution:

    Towers can only be switched with other towers
    ADT - SDT
    SDT - ADT

    and plunder buildings atk and spy can be switched

    I would only apply to abyss and newer lands though, any other set of lands have to be rebuilds with gold
  14. Sums it up. Horrible, game breaking idea.
  15. Agreed, if you want to change build you pay the price not hard to realize
  16. Whenever I see that number, I want to quit.

    Also that's a fair few events lol.
  17. And new lands tomorrow. Ill still say this or some variant is a good idea for a lot of players. Especially those not build complete or new
  18. Support, I converted to attack for season 3,, wishing now I never did. Would be great to be able to go back to hansel.