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  1. Hello everyone and thanks for reading.
    Fair warning : this is a complex idea and has a lot to read.

    The idea

    The idea i would like to propose centers around the ability to change builds at will without the need to demolish a building.
    Currently an abyss lvl 10 building will cost you a total of 3.490 trillion gold .
    If we want to build another lvl 10 building to replace it the math is the following.
    demoing it will give you 698 bil back so basically you lost 2.792 trillion per building
    2.792 tril plus 3.490 for a full new lvl10 is basically 6.282 trillion total for each building you demoed and decided to rebuild.

    This is a nice little gold sink. But it only works if the player decides to change build which in my opinion at abyss level its hardly the case.
    Players at this stage are basically building what they want and sticking with it. Most players that build will stick to it because the cost to rebuild fully is too much. Think about how and where you are right now building your kingdom. Would you demo and rebuild to accommodate your needs easily? Or would it take weeks if not months depending the player to do so?
    If in the long run a player changes their mind they know each new building would have a total cost of 6.3 trillion. And to you player i ask you. Would you do that? Change builds once you build complete at that cost?

    Lowlands right this moment are a perfect example of how players change builds according to needs. Depending of which clans they are or what the wc needs. You sometimes are in a position where you need to change builds for the good of the match and roster. Why wont most have problems with this? The gold needed to build a ll is 13.5 bil with a return of 2.7 bil per demo. You basically need 10.8 bil per change and in total its costing you 24.2 bil a building swap

    And why do we do it with ease? The cost in reality is not that hard to obtain. And yet we have change ll builds more times than you would dare vs swapping a abyss lvl10 building.

    What am i trying to do here is basically to try and convince you on my idea for building swaps. I would like to make a better way for you to build your desired builds and in case you messed up and now wish to change, you'll be able to do it.


    Different proposals. Feel free to add yours in comments
    1) Should a player have a building at lvl10 and desires to change the building the player can swap it. The upgrade button is already grayed out and useless on a maxed building. Change it to a swap option. A lvl 10 for a lvl 10 no gold sink/cost

    swapping a lvl 10 building can come at a cost. Not 2.8 trillion since that would be the same as rebuilding minus the refund of the demoed building

    2) Since the need for a gold sink is needed and thats why it costs so much to rebuild lets have a castle lvl4 for this. A massive 1 time gold sink that will unlock this feature for that land set

    Lets be fair on this. A full 25 abyss build complete will cost you 87.250 trillion.( never counting land costs)
    Rebuilding it will cost you 70 trillion.

    I would prefer having a great gold sink for lvl 4 castle and allow this feature to unlock, the cost though id like to leave open to discussion.

    Since right now we have only 4 lands sets to complete. We can have this open for future lands sets. Should a fifth section open we can have a lvl5 castle that may serve as a gold sink as well and provide the same perk as the lvl4 castle for abyss swaps. This would make sense otherwise lets say we are at the fifth or sixth land set. The gold sink may not be that appropriate and much less if it also affects building in future lands, better have a scale up ratio as lands and new buildings appear.
    Basically lvl4 castle for abyss swaps
    Lvl 5 for next set of lands
    Lvl 6 for next set and so on
    After all. We must also think ahead

    Open Possibilities?

    OSW. You can change your build according to needs. Imagine being able to tower up or change for a massive strip without need of gold. Youll be in more control of your contribution to the clan and to the needs of the moment
    To be fair OSW is not something ive experienced unlike many here. But id love to see your input in how can it help and ill edit your suggestions here

    Epic battles
    The best example right now is how the LOTL or SoTF eb is atm. If you are attack heavy or spy heavy you are limited in your damage. You could be doing hundreds of damage with one bar but limited and failing with the other( attack/spy bars)

    As new ebs come and their difficulty increases you can change to help spy heavy or attack heavy bars. especially should they be multiple bars or massive regens. A clan can move their course of action calling out for build changes to tackle harder and more complex ebs.

    Lets be honest. While ll wars are fun. It would be great to have the other lands play the field as well. Giving you the option to massively change builds will allow you to be more competitive when being chosen to war by a WC. Not to mention ASW and Season wars.

    This also opens a massive influx of gold towards allies. Should players now no longer have rebuild costs you can build that BFA up and be more competitive rather than be stuck in a rebuild costs cycle.

    I understand this is a game changer, but i do believe in this idea and id like to see how you can improve on it and share feedback

    Would this help you in the long run?
    Would it help your clan mates?
  2. Reserved for credits for player ideas

    Well to keep it in the same context. Perhaps lvl1 castle do it for ll. Lvl2 for HL and lvl3 for HF. That would keep it in the same pattern. Since this would require coding of castle might as well do it
  3. I think it will pretty much kill the current fun OSW mechs (you basically go all tower before you go to sleep and go all attack/spy builds when you wake up).. It probably would make stripping almost impossible..

    Ofcourse OSW being Off System.. Will figure out other ways to "damage" the enemy.. Like trash talking on WC and forums..

    But I digress.. Nice thread Panda.. Well written.. Support!!
  4. All I read was money sink and I stopped.

    Lbers are barely effected by money sinks because of the sheer amount of gold they stored.

    Money sinks only hurt smalls and mids.

    Growth is hard enough as is.
  5. I really like the idea, it would be very useful when it comes to ebs. it would also be nice if you could do this in Hoarfrost Forest.
  6. LL builds should be free to all. This would encourage participation in LL wars. So as not to kill small ebs overnight, the first 25 ebs could drop a 'free build token' and when u have it, builds on the designated land are free, needing everyone to do ebs 1-25 for full unlock of free LL. Token drops are common. This will help noobs try different builds and make everything more fun, yay!
  7. Well to keep it in the same context. Perhaps lvl1 castle do it for ll. Lvl2 for HL and lvl3 for HF. That would keep it in the same pattern. Since this would require coding of castle might as well do it
  8. That would work perfectly.
  9. Support, but I agree with Ashes. Maybe limiting it to 10 changes (each land set) per 24 hours? If you want to change build then it should take you 3 days. Plus if you put the 24 hour restriction then people can't go, tower to tank to pure spy to tower etc. over a couple hours.
  10. No support I think it will give people chance to tower up before sleep and I don't like idea of being able to change builds easily ruins some of the fun
  11. I like the castle idea. As you said, a castle level for each land set makes sense and it would be nice to have special abilities unlocked at each stage, like the alchemist and Mage.

    Regarding swapping buildings; not such a fan on the free building swap idea. As people have pointed out you could have one build while you were active and then swap to towers while you slept. Having said that, I think there is merit in making it a bit cheaper to change builds.

    - Once you LC a set of lands you can upgrade castle which increases building sale refund to 60% for that set of lands
    - One time only free building swap when you upgrade the castle (e.g. You BC, upgrade castle, have the option to swap all buildings on that set for free)
    - I think this has been suggested before but how about a 'system war land set' basically a duplicate kingdom you can build just for we wars which you are automatically switches to for EE and than switched back after. So you can be an attack build 90% of the time but for system wars you are switched to hansel
  12. The idea of change your build day was proposed few months ago, for a cost of course. I believe the Devs responded it won't happen. although, I like and support your idea I doubt the Devs would even consider it for whatever reason they gave last time.
  13. The cost of rebuilding is prohibitive, but reflects the reality of defence spending in war, and the reality of the armaments industry - it forces you to buy allies that compensate for weaknesses in your build, and team up with others for war, that have additional strengths. This is a good idea, but I can't see it being accepted :(
  14. If swapping buildings had a cost I would support this. As has been stated having the ability to change build is quite a powerful ability and being able to change at will will make osw harder.

    I propose that to swap build there is a fee involved depending on the size of the building. Somewhere around 10-20% of the building's cost would work as not only a gold sink but also a deterrent for people to prevent the over changing of buildings.
  15. Good idea for the fairies
    1.Be towerless to hit ebs
    2.Change to a nicely towered build for war
    3.Change back after you get the EE
    4.No worries about getting stripped ever coz u can always go all towers when u feel a fight might be coming.

    And So ruins PvP but favours PvE
  16. I see this being good for ee/eb but hard on osw, it could lead to more participating in osw with people being more able to hit n safely swap to towers quickly but at the the same time it could lead to less by reducing the amount of easier to hit targets...I'm undecided.
  17. Here's my cheesy two cents.

    First, think about the negative aspects of this. Entire war strategies are built around planning to take in your target. And allowing build changes makes planning and tactics completely pointless, making it impossible to plan your attack when you never know what they'll do.

    Think about how this would look in real life. The US has opted for a lean military with high techs capabilities as a force multiplier. If we got into a significant ground war against China, for example with its 2-million troop strong standing army, we would be at a significant disadvantage from a numbers standpoint. It would be impossible for the US to suddenly create a million more troops overnight in exchange for our high tech capabilities to balance the odds.

    While I agree that build changes are insanely overpriced, I think there should be an option to change build once you're complete, but I don't think it's fair to allow this to occur in an instant.

    Instead, I think it would be more fair if a player could exchange, for example, one building per week. This would give opponents time to adjust their tactics without the sudden surprise of "hey, I was an attack build last night and this morning, I'm a BC PS." That would be very upsetting.

    In addition to one swap a week, I would also add a 5% gold income tax per building swap as kind of a "financing" option over the course of, say, 3-6 months.

    If I had to choose between your idea and keeping it as is, I'd keep it as is.
  18. I feel this would benefit bc players too much. :(

    No one helps us noobs :/
  19. Would be super unfair to people that have wasted trillions changing build so they can war or whatever. Basically saying sorry bout yalls luck, build change is free now
  20. Cool idea but no: I wasted 50t changing abyss to change it mostly back. Not too bothered. If you wanna change its your own expense and issue for making that choice.