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  1. 1. Shouldn't able to need to re-login?
    2. Make sure you have the latest version of either phone you have... so basically if KaW have bugs I must get rid of this Galaxy S6 Edge and to go and buy the Galaxy S7 Edge instead? Or the flat version of S7 will fix the issue aswell?
  2. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling can fix some issues of some applications, even the developers have informed me this can fix some issues, also, sometimes when you uninstall it may log you out, but usually doesn't for me so just a friendly reminder.

    Sometimes certain bugs can be trapped in the gaming application where certain updates cannot remove them, so either clearing the cachte or removing the applications and reinstalling can resolve most issues at times.
  3. Device: PC
    Version: Not entirely sure, using the latest Chrome.

    Bug: On the left of the screen there is the daily deal icon which looks like a stack of bronze/gold bars. When attacking an epic battle this stack of bars image enlarges and moves down and right slightly then returns to normal. While mashing repeat action as much as possible it looks like it is jittering about.

    I would be more than happy to discuss this further and provide screen shots :)
  4. Not really a bug, if you're silenced, you aren't allowed to change your status message for the duration of the silence, but if you're on PC you can remove the "silence" status.

    For eg, I got 2 days left on my silence but changed banner. :lol:
  5. Remember, clearing cache and history and cookies in case you've been to naughty sites, me personally, it's every 2 hours
  6. Not quite a bug but...

    Today's iOS update effectively kills iO versions 5 and 6. ATA support confirmed this in email a few minutes ago.

    I fully understand and support moving on and abandoning older less capable platforms, but come on.

    It seems there was either a disregard to the player base in not providing advance notice (The last announcement does not say DOA) or they got caught flat footed by the breakage.

    ATA killin kingdoms faster than normal attrition.

    TOU says 1 PC account per player, I now have 4 orphaned iOS accounts that real money was spent on. 2 from updates a month ago, 2 more from this will TOU be modified to account for progress orphans???
  7. Has anyone else experienced problems since the new lands came out? Aside from certain web browsers not loading searched accounts?

    I'm getting error messages when typing up comments in CC and PM. One of my PMs was never processed as sent or attempted send but fail. A few minutes ago my CC/AC was empty and CA said I wasn't in a Clan. WC comments took a while to load, The WCA wasn't working as well and just stated the amount of speakers I had.

    I'm also having similar issues on SMASH
  8. ToU doesn't say such think as "1 PC account per player".
  9. This actually provides the proof of yet another lie by "Mr Dave" lol and the developers. What a con job on the players to kill off support to iOS 6. Yes and confirmed by the idiots in support or lack there of which is so typical of the fools checking mail. Right Dave?
  10. Hey there's a visual bug on pc, whenever you complete an EB action the bronze bar icon in the bottom left flashes forward, it's very irritating.
  11. Bump because there seems to be a few things going on and I thought it would help to bump it.
  12. Not a bug, but when you’re in an EB the “More Details” button next to How it Works results in a 404 error
  13. Phone: Galaxy Note 9
    latest KaW version

    Unable to initiate or accept a trade. Can receive trade requests and can deny, but accept button only activates reply keyboard. When attempting to initiate a trade, selecting the trade arrows only activates keyboard.
  14. The store wants me to give it actual money on a “Free to Play” Game, please fix i want some Nobs