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  1. Hey guys, has been awhile since I created a thread last, anyways I'm creating this thread today for its main purpose for finding out these bugs/glitches and catch them! So if you guys are experiencing certain bugs/glitches, please post a detail report down below as this thread will be used to collect the data for the developers to squash these nasty bugs, please use the following structure when reporting in, so they can cover up the issues for the coming bug fixes updates.

    Use the following structure as.

    Device you are using, like android, kindle, IOS, pc etc, handing the device like iPhone 6 or Galaxy 6 etc etc etc.

    Version of the device you are using, IOS 9.2.1

    Version of kingdoms at war you are playing on, most recent update, version of kaw 1.87.

    Details what you are experiencing with these bugs/glitches, and the steps to encounter these bugs.

    The help from you guys would be great! If you are experiencing a certain bug, the developers may get in contact with you via pm for follow up instructions, so they can pin point them down.

    My follow up reports are.

    Device: iPhone 6.
    Version of device: IOS 9.3 beta 7
    Version of kaw: 1.87
    Edit: Fixed: Bug: when you exit the app and return the game constantly refreshes meaning starting up again like you removed it from the app history, this bug seems to be most common since I haven't experienced it before on both devices since on the last update of kaw.

    Edit: Fixed: Bug: also when the game doesn't update continuously, where wc, cc, eb timer or epic battle bars do not update, meaning you have to force close the game to get the most recent updates from game just to even play or chat, which seems to be a new one I have experienced, both connections have been tested, wifi, 4g, still occurring.

    So if you have experienced the follow up reports I have just mention please just mention it.

    Also, this is just a bug reporting thread so please do not derail or post any off topics within this thread, many thanks!

    Keep up the great work guys! And happy kawing.

    edit: so as this thread is being used now after the recent bug attack, I will be keeping this thread open for the community and the developers so the bugs can be terminated, thanks everyone!
  2. I'm on iOS 9.1 iPhone 6S and I've been experiencing the same bug. Very irritating.
  3. Please update to the latest none beta version of 9.2.1, and make sure to have the recent kaw version 1.87, and find out again.
  4. Device: Galaxy S6 Edge
    KaW version: Whatever the latest one is :lol:

    1) When writing a response in forums sometimes I'll submit it and it won't actually post it. So I'll have to type it out again and try to remember what I said. I've had to get into the habit of copying what I write first.

    2) The daily sales prices show up as wrong. E.g it says $4.99 but when I go to pay it's $7.99. Probably just a currency issue.

    3) Occasionally I'll get error messages when trying to access the Oracle. I have to close the app and go back into it.

    4) Error messages in forums too. When I use the search feature and all my results come up and I flick through the pages, it comes up with another error message. I have to go back and retry several times before it works.
  5. Ok new bug I have just located, it seems I cannot copy thread URLs now, so will be reporting this follow up issue.
  6. iPhone 6, kaw1.87 (latest) according to App Store, bars not showing regen, chat freezing, etc, fix it kaw
  7. iOS since 8.0.3

    Mage takes 5-10 seconds to open

    No fix discovered yet
  8. To eagle: on iPhone 5c with iOS 9.2.1 I have same problems. Since early today. But also on my iPods 4th and 5th generation.
  9. Device: Samsung Galaxy S6
    Android Version: 5.1.1
    KaW Version: 3.41

    1. The text on the clan page where it says "You are a/an 'Clan Role' of this clan" does sometimes dissappear and I've to reload the clan page for it to appear again.
    2. In forums, the "Reply" and "Refresh" buttons dissappear after going to for example my wall and then back to the forums again.
    3. I've to reload the main page for the epic battle image to show up after a new epic battle has been initiated.
  10. I have that second problem too, Chocolate.
  11. Device : One Plus Two / Nexus 6P
    Android Version : 5.1.1 / 6.0
    KaW Version : 3.41

    The BFE display has been jumbled up for the last two years, I've submitted numerous tickets over the years about it and nothing has happened.
    On one of my old Android phones, it is displayed in a straight line even when it's 100 million and above, but on a my Nexus and the OPT the numbers get pushed out.
    Simple display glitch, also copy pasting on a thread where you've already typed up a post can be a pain. I end up having to use an external text editor for it usually.
    If you haven't typed anything into the text box then the copy paste works.

    How it looks. It's missing one single digit at the bottom row, some players don't seem to have this issue even with >100mill values.

    Has anyone notice that sometimes your CC goes dead?
    I was in a war recently where suddenly CC stopped updating, I reset the game and boom, cc full of chatter I missed.
    Seems to be happening more frequently.

    It cannot be an issue with my network, I'm on constant LTE/WiFi.
  12. Thanks everyone for your reports! If you are experiencing a same report please quote the user, I am now seeing everyone else is reporting bugs and issues in, this thread is now being monitored.

    Thanks everyone!
  13. One Plus 2
    Android Lollipop
    5.5inch screen
    Font size- Small

    For people with long names like really long can't see the full name either in battle list or On opening their profiles and on their wall.

    So basically can't even see someone's full name if they hv a really long one..lots of people alrdy exploiting it

    The problem isn't with my device since the screen size is 5.5inch and font size I use is small.
  14. The errors I've encountered are screen freezing up.. Not able to type. Cc lag big time, also Ca update is extremely slow. Thanks for taking your time to speed the process up Eagle.
  15. Galaxy S6, latest version of KaW.

    I noticed when buying items, some times it won't show me buying, but when I exit the purchase screen it'll show I have the item. I have to keep clicking the item until it shows up to purchase and depending on how many times I click it, it'll leave like extra tabs of that item up.
  16. Same
  17. Is not a KaW glitch. The issue is caused by your display density. If you lower your DPI your problem will be fixed. You can do it by editing build.prop file or just download an DPI changer app from Google Play Store to do it for you. Tho you need root for that.

    Same answer for Zontho.
  18. Same
  19. Same, bought a promo yesterday 5 times because it wouldn't show me I bought em. Only charged me for the first one so its okay.
  20. I know how to lower my device DPI. :lol:

    But that's just it, yes? Why would I do that when one buys a newer device for the better display, aye?
    Doesn't make sense lowering my DPI because the app didn't code higher resolution screens in.