Bronze Bar Refunds

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Cruz, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Thanks for the feedback guys
  2. Banking in KaW is and should never be profitable unless you're ally trading, or OSWs would be even duller then what they are now, if you want a good bank plan become good at trading allies, don't sleep in osw.
    No support.
  3. It's not as much as just profiting from increasing the return rate. This thread is also to think of various way to implement bb in other aspects of the game. Besides needing only a few to unlock the new equip.
  4. Support, even a 80% will be good. Else what are BB for  we can just bank in atk pots for the same 75%
  5. Huge support :) What is the point of banking in bb instead of defense pots which will protect me when I need it, or attack pots which will help with successful attacks? Get real DEVS. I don't think they will bring it up to 90%, but 80% is still too little, how about 85%?
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  6. The benefit of bb over attack pots is that you can't accidentally burn through them. In a long fight you go through a lot of pots and if not careful you might one day look at them and notice you've used up much of what you planned to keep as banked gold.

    If you don't fight often then thats not an issue but if you do bb are just a safety precaution to have
  7. Banking in def pots is the dumbest idea ever if you plan to bank. It's not hard for a clan to burn through your "banked" def pots if that's how you do it.
  8. Seeing as you can early BBs for Ebs.... No support.