Broken Sword

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -SB-, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. What if someone that deserves a broken is admin?
  2. 30-40 actions? You're dumb. People can be active the whole war and not get 30-40 actions. What you're saying is that if somebody has 40 actions, they're inactive?
  3. Hey Vanessa, can i join your bracket and go the min of 5 failed actions and go inactive and feed AKO :p
  4. I didn't say that the broken sword system is perfect, I said that OP's proposition was terrible. I agree that it should be fixed.

  5. How about this a 12/15 or 11/14.
  6. No support idiotic idea
  7. No Support inactives have greatly decreased

  8. Not really

  9. You're an idiotic.... Idea
  10. If you are on war for less than 10 minute you should receive broken sword. End of story, no bs actions. Time online. This is because on one of my indis a guy fell asleep, woke up with 3 minutes remaining. Scouted once.
  11. How about instead, it's like 10. That way it keeps nubs out too
  12. Why did I get a Brocken sword,, just because we lost n 2 ppl on war clan go against me coz I back out to track coz I'm getting tired of ppl casting n lurking till 10 mins of n trying to scare them I will go inactive on cc,, but I was never inactive,, I don't even complain on this ppl when they cast n let their younger brother war ,, devs need to get both side b4 finishing ppl like me who is very active in ebs ,, wars n events,, if you guys do it ,, I got families n friends including me spending lots of money on this game,, so this is bs,, I can ss you devs the chat me n Bermuda have,, all he has is the one I chat on cc that if they such divas n VIPs I go inactive,, which I didn't do,, so what you gonna do now devs?
  13. I used to war a fair bit and I have never really found them to be a huge problem, I don't understand why people drone on about it so much. 1 out of maybe 5 Indy wars I had an inactive.

    The current system is fine, people who are intentionally inactive will do it anyway. People who are inactive because something came up... They also will be inactive anyway.

    Maybe just stop doing Indy wars and find yourself a decent team to war with?
  14. no support, even tho i'm salty af about having inactives in 6/6 of my last ll wars
  15. I fully support, although I am not sure this is the best way of determining inactivity. The issue is that some players know for a fact they can't make it but they sign up anyway, knowing that it would be easy to avoid a broken sword by dropping a few actions. In the higher brackets, inactivity can be easily exploited through akos.

    My suggestion would be in addition to actions (>4) - to measure activity through cc participation. I like panda's idea of a voting system too. Maybe if 75% of participants agree, it should suffice. This will also prevent players from being disruptive. Finally, because it maybe open to abuse, such broken sword should carry a smaller penalty compared to normal ones eg 1.5 days vs 3 days.