Broken sword revamp needed

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  1. The broken sword spell is something that needs to be revamped badly. Not only the duration of the spell but also how it's earned.

    Currently, during events in particular, inactivity is extremely high due to how easy it is to avoid a broken sword.(Being inactive all war then hitting at the end a few times to avoid a broken sword) still gives event items. No one wants to spend two hours sitting through an already lost war due to an inactive at start. Its not fair to the people who have fully committed their time and resources.

    I think the spell should be given after a certain amount of time has passed in the war without being active. Missing the first 5-10 minutes of a war could mean the difference between a win and loss, build depending.

    Also given that its an event and people are trying and chasing I think the broken sword spell should be increased from three days to five days. I understand things happen in real life. But most excuses I hear aren't valid excuses given our day and age. "I lost internet connection" or "my dog got ran over by Santa and I had to take him to the unicorn doctor".

    Wars, event or no event, is the reason a lot of us even still continue to play this game. Given the match up system is horrible and most of us still try to fight through it because we know the devs won't make it better... The least you could do is help cut back on inactivity and reevaluate the broken sword spell.
  2. SUPPORT! Adding that if they go inactive at end 10 minutes they should also get broken sword. 
  3. The issue is that things can and will still happen. I had internet drop completely for me for over a day and was stuck using awful data connection and couldn't get on to war. I hated myself for that however it was out of my control. This kind of thing happens to others too although I agree that there are plenty of people out there who do take advantage and abuse the system.

    What's to stop people hitting a few times at the start of the war and then going inactive? What's to stop people not following wc orders and doing awfully on purpose? The issue is that a lot of things are subjective and it's hard to prove whether someone's story is true or false.
  4. The Devs should just give everyone level 5 for signing up... Problem solved.. Oh and all the rewards.. Oh snap! I got it, they should just skip the events and the us 2T every week, and nobs for seals...

    Problem totally solved

  5. And top 100
  6. Someone legitly posted this like 2-3 days ago
  7. I'm just thinking and it's totally subjective, but what if you could rate your team mate at end of the war? At end of war you can rate your team mates from 1 to 5, the rating overtime will build them or you a good or bad prestige. when the indi teams are made, you'll be teamed with people of similar prestige. In short, if you suck you'll end up in a team of suckers, if you're good, you'll end up in a good team.
  8. Story or not. You're a prime example of someone who came in hit to avoid the broken sword. Few emails fixed that though.

    There doesn't need to be a story at all. It's a matter of were you there or not there.
  9. Actually I hit a target called out in cc but ofc my story is "wrong". Either way I agree that shattered sword either needs more penalties or needs to be dished out to people who purposefully ruin wars
  10. Well how can you tell if he purposefully ruined it? What if he accidentally unloaded and accidentally went inactive after ? How can you prove it wasn't accidental..