Brits - Are You Getting Censored?

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  1. Not within humanity
  2. Only Americans will listen too rumors and think they are true. Fml
  3. Member when the government reading your email and listening to all your phone calls was a conspiracy theory?
  4. Ah cheese! Always a delight to see you old friend.

    We are getting censored but that's a general trend across the world. There are always going to be some things we can talk about and other things we can't.

    That's just modern life! However, avoid quoting the daily mail... it's just absolute garbage!
  5. And x_x if you're going to insult the UK police force then maybe don't be a tool?

    What's that? Can't help it?

  6. I think they done enough damage to themselves, arresting a candidate for public office for quoting Churchill

    They doing just fine

    And by the way, I asked support for permission to put that thread up yesterday, and you locked it for being "unnecessary" when support told me to go ahead
  7. Taking one example and extrapolating to an entire collection of people is totally fair eh?

    And as always señor, if you have a complaint then send another message to support and they will get back to you.
  8. If one guy is arrested for talking, pretty safe bet everyone else will suffer the same fate

    Our rights come from God and the state can not take them away, that's why we kicked your butts 240 years ago

    Sure the guys with guns can d do whatever they want but that don't make it legit

    Britain is long overdue for their own revolution to ensure they have basic human rights to think and share ideas
  9. And if I dare suggest... what if there is no god?

    Where does your argument go then?

    Personally my faith has little bearing on my grasp of facts. If you wish to live your life not adhering to the rules of society then please be my guest. But then you can be cast out from all the benefits of the society as well.

    Therefore please relinquish your mobile device, computer, wifi, money, belongings and obviously clothes by the front door that you don't own or pay for as that's a construct of society and please feel free to wander the wilderness of a forest somewhere.

    You cannot pick and choose what aspects of civilisation to follow. Or you are simply a hypocrite.
  10. But you can pick and choose which threads you damn and which you don't.

    You're a moderator on a tap game. You locked his thread because it wasn't relevant to you. And you only. You jack ass. Hand in your resignation moody and do everyone a favour.
  11. Bionicbaby
  12. Moody just because you don't believe in any Gods doesn't mean there aren't any

    The hierarchy of power goes:


    Man (including men and women)



    It's not susceptible to your beliefs, that's how it is whether you like it or not

    Your God is the state, and nothing wrong with that for yourself if that's your choice, implying that I don't have a choice is where you are wrong

    The created does not control the creator

    And as a matter of law if you believe their is no God the burden is on you to prove it
  13. Tea and krumpets anyone?
  14. Likewise, Mr. Moody!

    Question - was there an inaccuracy in the article?
  15. It's accurate

    Just don't fit moodys' communist/globalist agenda
  16. So nice to see you cheese!
  17. Thanks, Cannabis! Very kind of you!
  18. Hey Cheese.
    I think censorship is pretty global, to a lesser or greater degree. The problem arises from a "because i say so" approach to it. I have no problem with being told what i can or cannot say, provided i have the freedom to question such decisions, ie shouting "bomb" in a crowded space. The word itself does no harm, but the reasoning behind it being frowned upon is entirely valid. I dont let my 5 year old watch "a nightmare on elm street". Does it make me an oppressor, or someone with his best interests in mind?
  19. Why xx is it if anyone doesn't agree with your opinion they are a communist.
    Free will does not require one to be a communist.
    It is not communism to supoort your nation either.
    You just seem intent on dragging down authorities in every nation including your own.
    And if anyone disagrees with your opinion you just resort to insulting their intelligence or worse, trying to place yourself as superior to them.
    It doesnt work.
    And you aren't convincing anyone.