Brits - Are You Getting Censored?

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  1. YES!! my roll call thread was answered and The immitation cheese is back .
  2. Just like on America, all ten planks of the communist manifesto are enacted legislation in Britain

    Both of the current candidates have no intent on removing these acts

    And each has a platform to further that agenda

    Since world war ii and the formation of the united nations communism has been on the rise all across the world

    No one complains so as long as no one gets called out, they just keep chugging along
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  4. X_x

    Please, PLEASE post some, ANY proof of legislation that ACTUALLY means anything even close to those 'Planks'.

    Please use UK legislation, as this is a thread about the UK.

    Good luck.
  5. Yes send me a follow and I will send you information from a friend who lives there

    I don't want to link on forums because the title might contain a bypass

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    Edit: we are already friends, who knew lol, sent* you that information you requested
  6. I also live there...

    I have an honours in modern history, social history and politics.

    You claim to know 50 pieces of legislation, I will not talk to you in PM anymore.

    Post the links, if they're reputable they won't have bypasses in them.
  7. However, out of curiosity, what is your problem with communism?

    Note: I'm not talking about communist STATES, I'm talking about the political ideology.
  8. Probably that its flawed

  9. article is here details of the communist manifesto and its comparison to the labor party manifesto

    In theory communism is a good way to run a small country like an island

    We don't live in theory though, once one man has that much power and resources, it's just more fun to steal everything and murder everyone who gets in the way, hence the reason communism has never worked

    We need some level of conscientisation in society where everyone works together for a common goal, if that goal is...

    Getting resources to those in need, who would be against that?
  10. The allotments act 1950...

    Where is the problem?

    Have you read it?
  11. So as you state, there is no problem with communism, it's humans that are the problem.

    If that's the case then is it not discriminatory to colour everyone who believes in true equality with the same brush as the one you paint prominent communists with? (Stalin etc)

    Communism as an ideal is brilliant, humans are the issue.

    Anyway, this is off topic.

    Cheese, the answer is no, we're not being censored. Despite what tin hat head up there tries to tell you.
  12. Also the Parliament act 1949.

    An act that limited the power of a group elite hereditary peers from getting in the way of the elected chambers legislation.

    Erm.......... problem?

    Democracy and communism inevitably will become very intertwined in some stages, it's happened many times throughout history and will do many times again.
  13. I haven't read it, I've only read the cestui que vie act 1666 and the secret treaty of Verona

    That's all I need to know, I don't live there

    But I do trust Michael of Bernicia, he is a living legend in the freedom movement, he's done incredible things previously thought to be impossible, he's one of the only people I've heard of who has defeated the banks, hmrc, the registrar general, and severed all ties to the government while creating his own human based government (trust) for his family and his community
  14. Lol. You're a tool.

    Declaring to HRMC that you don't have an income and this are not eligible to pay tax does not mean he no longer has to pay tax.

    The uk income tax system only requires you to self certify no income once. It's to reduce admin costs you 'plank'.

    This the same guy who claims you can pay a bank back a mortgage with promissory notes?
  15. This is the tantalizing argument proponents of censorship always use.

    Let's try and break this down to get at the essence of this issue. Does the act of uttering the word "bomb" cause any actual harm on its own?
  16. Bingo. Global communism and despotic leadership will take hold within our lifetime.
  17. Can communism exist without a totalitarian government?

  18. Lol, that's pretty funny, I have known for a few years is illegal to say there is a cure for cancer

    BTW, look at his jacket "community support officer"

    This is what community support looks like

  19. In most of Europe you can go to jail for questioning the official holocaust narrative.