Brits - Are You Getting Censored?

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  1. Hate to just drop in like this out of nowhere, but this is the only place I know to find Brits.

    So are the rumors true? Your government has implemented censorship of the internet about terrorism and stuff?

    I also heard you guys get raided by the cops for saying bad things about religions or whatever.

    How does this make you feel? More safe? Oppressed? Ambivalent?
  2. Makes me feel like eating custard :)

    Which imma do right now ;)
  3. Its all an imitation
  4. America
  5. I say whatever, go ahead, raid me 
  6. That actually sounds good rn
  7. I suppose if you're censored you wouldn't know it would you?
  8. Do Brits have an appetite for self-imposed tyranny?
  9. I suppose not. A game i used to play Ace Combat 4 for the ps2 was supposedly censored in the American version. The storyline was too violent or something in the International version. I havent played that game in a decade and just realized it. It's kind of like NK they grow up and get brainwashed since birth not knowing of all the censorship their gov does its crazy
  10. Didn't know about any censorship in the U.S. but again we wouldn't know it unless we went outside where there's no censorship

    Yeah, American schools are very much indoctrination centers. They're creating a generation of communists. And anyone who know history knows how communism always ends...
  11. US has tons of censorship, freedom of speech is a lie lol.
  12. True. You can be fined and jailed for broadcasting profanity on public airwaves or making threats.

    I disagree with all censorship. I think anyone should be allowed to say anything they want, no matter what.

  13. What if you're actually brainwashed into trying to trick people into thinking that schools are used for brainwashing?
  14. Who said anything about brainwashing? o_O
  15. If a conservative government is re elected they want to pass laws which essentially allow them to control and filter the internet in the uk. So perhaps not currently, but potentially soon.
  16. From what i've seen and heard what Teresa may wants isn't really possible without essentially wasting more money and making more cuts.

    All her plans will do is force certain organisations even further into the web or unless terrorists are stupid, the deep web(Which i'm amazed isn't used more as it's either very difficult or impossible to really trace). Making it more difficult for it to censor and will end up just effecting innocent people.
  17. I say bad things about all sorts and I'm fine...

    They want to bring it in but I don't believe they have, this has been made far more difficult by the hung election.
  18. So you want me to yell bomb every morning before work when I happily walk into the subway station in one of the largest cities in a country?