Bring new pots back.

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  1. This is a low effort thread and with good reason.

    After looking at the lb and distance between builds I think it's about time developers introduced new mith even just to hit ebs would be a huge benifit to kaw.

    Not to forget help in pvp events. The last event was fun but the battle list range was crazy. I had SH trying to hit me all failed yet I was in there battle list. I can't complain about many of my targets I could skim spies on mosT SH I ignored as gold in the pvp event was awesome hitting other spy builds.

    I remember the last lot of pots allowed me to hit way beyond my range. Now with new upgrades massive stats can farm small accounts 60% smaller and the small can't return fire it's way too one sided.

    So please bring back the pots Devs. You emailed me saying they was too soon and your waiting for the right time this is your moment.

    Close the gap it's only fair
  2. What about when the big players use the big pots excessively cause they have the money

  3. But if they are bigger thay can hit without pots. Everyone knows pots is a faulse economy yet at least a choice would be good
  4. Yea I agree I can barely scout most people in wars these days defiantly need more pots.
  5. The devs did say they will be bringing the new pots back in due time. When that is we don't know but they will bring them back.
  6. But when. Could come in handy before next pvp event.
  7. Thanks any reason why no support?
  8. There are many reasons.. Mostly that you suck
  9. They also said that HTE was temporary
    They also said they were working on war xtals
    And never once did I hear them say they were designing posters
  10. Well not so much suck more of a Lick. if you have nothing productive to input to this thread please leave it. Kind regards.
  11. With these pots big people will get bigger..
  12. Tldr no support.

    The attack pots were too much stronger than the defence pots and basically meant that defence towers were completely useless to anyone 2mill stats below and I personally dont think that it creates a balanced game. If i cN hit someone with 2mill less spy attack successfully and that 2mill is in towers it makes towers completely usesless.

  13. I don't believe that is the case. My over all attack can hit pretty well with bfe. If it pushes me to hybrid range with use of pots then that's about right. Attack builds can scout spies with bfe and bfa alone.

    Also spy build damage from spy actions is usually pretty high anyway. The pots will not change that.