Bring back top 500 or a new event teir

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by __Grave_Of_WOG___, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Everyone in the top 500 has double the last event tier of items.

    It's not even halfway through the event, we need something for these players to push too as 4/5ths of them will be pushing for absolutely nothing for the next 9 days.

    We need either a 60/65k tier or the top 500 to be reinstated. Events are too easy with 2.5k drops almost from a single nk .

    Devs please give us something else to work towards.
  2. just some extra crestplates/aqua/inf/SB/Xtal/crux would be nice. not expecting new equipment from the "new" tier.
  3. 100% support but *tier pls
  4. You know back before they buffed equip stats and added charms I was one of the most powerful feared warriors in ee wars.
  5. Tier. Not teir. Such a grave grammatical error.

  6. Support. Something is needed to make people continue to log in the 2nd week.
  7. Support!
  8. Support top 500 doesn’t need crazy rewards like others but a reason some to continue playing past 50k
  9. Imagine spending money on a dying game that has more alts than actual players. Omegalul

  10. Imagine being so pathetic you log in regularly on a game you think is dying too be a idiot troll on a even more dead fourm section .

    Someone grab the adderall and call the spec ed teacher, another deep end spectrum autist has escaped kindergarten for adults.
  11. Yes man!