Bring Back Scrag the Blazing

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Should Scrag the Blazing be brought back?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. The premium EB that was released during the Black Friday event proved more than worth our time once clans started running it. I propose the idea of during future promo events this EB be reinstated into the game as it gave players gold at higher rates. NK promos do not meet player vs. gold means anymore.

    NK should however stay during non-promo weekends to allow players to gain the gold necessary for upgrading buildings. It is a slower pace to run to premium clans do not need to worry about chaos every weekend.

    Bringing back Scrag the Blazing also mixes the game up just a little bit. NKs seem to drag on nowadays, and it is time for a switch up. Scrag is ran at a faster pace and maintainable (i.e. NK average during promo is 15 minutes vs. Scrag during promo is 6-8 minutes).

    So KaW players, mods, and devs
    Lets hop on this bandwagon and make some change why don't we. Lets make KaW great again!
  2. Why are we against this idea? The fact of bringing back an EB for the sake of an actual promo will promote growth which we all need! NK cannot provide this anymore. And the cost ratio is worth it.
  3. No support for inflation.
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