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  1. You see Sleep is an addiction and getting tired is just a withdrawal symptom, if u just suck it up and stay awake you will stop suffering from the withdrawal symptom and will be able to functions without sleep and thus spend more time on KaW
  2. Yeah sis this was cute...but...nah.
  3. Although everyone needs sleep, I have s way you can drastically reduce the amount you need. It’s called the “uberman sleep cycle”
    If you do this, you can be by on just 2 hours of sleep s day. Think of all the extra kaw time you’d have.

    I’ve copied the Uber man sleep schedule here for your reading pleasure.

    “They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Where these geniuses cross the line may be in their sleep cycle. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci who followed a sleep pattern similar to Uberman. Maybe that is how he was able to invent such things as the parachute, helicopters, hang gliders, and paint such things as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Other famous people such as Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla swore by the same sleep cycle.

    What is the Uberman Sleep Cycle?
    The Uberman Sleep Schedule is a sleep schedule consisting entirely of 20-minute naps, spaced equidistantly throughout the day. In its traditional form, Uberman is 6 equidistant naps throughout each day. A 6 nap schedule (2-hour total sleep) will consist of a nap every 4 hours, it will have a 2 hour BRAC (Basic Rest Activity Cycle) and a 4 h rhythm.

    An 8 nap schedule (2 hours, 40 minute total sleep) will consist of a nap every 3 hours, it will have a 1.5 hour BRAC and a 3-hour rhythm.

    Uberman Schedule is the most popular and famous of polyphasic sleep schedules because of it’s 2 hours sleep total. It should be noted that only about 5 percent of the population can get by on just 6 hours of sleep, so perhaps only 5% of people can do this schedule comfortably. A much higher percentage of the population may find an 8 nap schedule more sustainable, as the extra 40 minutes sleep can make the difference between sleep deprivation and health.

    Now, it must be understood that physicians do not recommend this type of sleep cycle – unless you are an insane genius who has crossed the threshold of normality.”
  4. Nope sleep is a bodily need, 7 days with out it and you'll die.
  5. Question/theory answered. Lock? 
  6. False
  7. Not false you can and will die from lack of sleep
  8. Now rammys post above is about the only way around it that i know of, and even then you're still getting sleep its just spaced out over long period of time and in small increments.
  9. At my age I seem to be sleeping even more 