Brave the Elements!

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  1. Necessity now that enchant cost/fail so much once you max enchant... oh look new promo new equip that base stat beat last fully maxed equip... start over
  2. Alright! Now you're going towards CHOICE-oriented event. How about copy this pattern on the next event but with different rewards. Eq, silver bars, plunder spells, a variety of banners, bronze bars, free pots :D
  3. Kaw_Comm, what if I collect 8,500 aqua token and 8,500 inferno token at the same time. Does that mean I would get the rewards on both? I will have 2 10% plunder bonus?
  4. Dev, you throw event non-stop, time to really consider to quit or continue to Kaw. :)
  5. This question was asked on page one. I don't see an answer to it yet.
  6. Look at the event tab. That will show you the reward tiers

  7.  this x1,000. How about an event that promotes clan loyalty? If you're going to roll these out like they're going out of style at least do one centered around that.
  8. Maybe try getting together with friend to hit epic battles  really? I can stay in clan and get my rewards just fine maybe try it
  9. Agree 100%... So what would you suggest kaw_community do next?
  10. Assumptions...

    I don't leave my clan onesy lol.

    Tbf I don't care much about these events. But since they do them so often it'd be nice to see something like that. Preferably one that involves hitting people. Another shard event would be nice actually.
  11. Have you missed all the weekend pvp events ?  you really need to pay attention
  12. I like the idea. It's gonna be challenging that's the hole point of games.
  13. Thank you devs,u guys r awesome,after all these event u guys knw that we all playa need the inferno and aqua for enchanting equipment.
  14. Seriously. This is improvement but I think we would all like to see simple increases in element drops from all ebs. I don't want this token crap. Simply increase from zero drops to something significant so we can feel accomplished when we finish an eb.
  15. They could have allowed the player to choose the reward at the end like they did with s5.

  16. I would love to see this implemented in the event system! Maybe we are slowly moving that way!
  17. @ onesy

    I don't consider the weekend blitz as an event itself because they're apart of an EB event.

    I'm saying there should be an event that's PvP only and promotes clan loyalty. No collecting drops from EBs.
  18. Classic another event The day after a event ended 
  19. complainers

    lol all these complaints about this being a money grab event  you're all stupid... There's nothing that states you have to spend money so why are you complaining? Lol I do just fine in all these events without spending money and I am slightly less active than normal  If you don't wanna spend money then don't. Not that hard.

    I think this is actually a good event I need plenty of aqua and inferno and now I have a chance to get a decent amount of both PLUS I get some silver bars and health crystals and a plunder bonus? Depending on how many I get of each of course... Free stuff for hitting events I already do anyway... Lol MUCH SUPPORT
  20. Great job devs!