Brave the Elements!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. For once no complaints :-D ty for listening to the community no way for most of us to keep up on all these constantly new eq. Great idea keep it up!
  2. Lol more zta?
  3. So you can choose between which hte that'll drop Aqua or inferno?
  4. This is by far the lamest event yet
  5. Can't even sneeze for law to com out with another event!!!!
  6. Devs you make me so happy- event event event, I love you and want to have your babies
  7. Support

    No incentive to try at all.

    Also why inferno as a reward and not Aqua?
  8. Nice job Devs
    Love this Event
    Just add PvP and it'll be perfect

  9. theres two options in rewards. Aqua or inferno. Suspect most will go for inferno rather then aqua.

    Or reach a goal in inferno then go for aqua

    either way this sucks. 7 day event and these rewards are so bad. Atleast give more crux and seals or xtals
  10. Dam it devs enough is enough i still have 2 profilc plunder bonuses from your last 2 events just shows how long u wait to suck money out of ppls wallets

    If it was me controlling all these events i would fire anyone who suggested one for a month or two now

    B2b events is fin rediculuse.
  11. Instead of wasting time on this crap can we have a season 6 instead? Also Asia-friendly war times?
  12. Oh I see.. So basically you need 8.5k of each to get anything decent At all

  13. Theres nothing wrong with b2b events. U dont have to try. u can play as usually wpuld but get rewards so theres no reason to cry.. what i have a problem with is the crap rewards. After this long youd think they start giving some better stuff. More ppl would spend money/ lol
  14. Serious question though.

    Is this going to be the new thing? Micro events at a constant pace?
  15. KAW... Why the hell do you always capitalize the F in "oF"
  16. I havent spent a dime on this game since i came back to kaw and im reaching high tiers. Just would like some better damn rewards.
  17. Inferno and Aqua shortages have been a complaint for awhile so the awards there are fair. I agree the extra stuff is kind of lacking though.

    EDIT; At least it's not new equipment though! :lol:
  18. Give us more silver bars
  19. No words --- not even a week and heres Event again Lol
  20. Screw the extra stuff, why are we being FORCED to either do ebs or war? Why would it be so damn hard to make things drop from pvp too?

    Edit: forced to eb or war to have a chance in these events*