Brave the Elements Returns!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Dear developers, why are you trying to kill medium sized players? Large players can alternate between Lotl/Asof everyday while smaller players are forced to guess & check on which battle is dropping for the perticular tier for the day. This event is only making the struggle harder for all.
  2. Nah repeating an event is actually tragic what makes you think that Aqua/inferno is needed after the massive 50 day event rewards. Step it up devs...
  3. Looooool, hmmmm *ignores event*
  4. I don't get all the complaints. It's not like last event where you need to grind constantly to get top 10/50/100 in wars or ebs. You can basically just go about your daily business, whack hte or whatever eb you choose, and in two weeks gain a bit of a bonus. I see people complaining that there's an event, and those complaining the rewards aren't enough. You literally don't need to do anything, hit like normal and get some bonus rewards later. Sounds like a win win?
  5. Lotl and asof are not the same. They are not close to the same. Just say no b2b lotl we want you to pay to grow
  6. Yup.
  7. Boooooo! I wanted new lands not event --- -.-
  8. ^Too bad. Too many people didn't want new lands.
  9. I wont even bother trying in this event. What a joke. Keep your aqua/inferno and replace it with silver bars only then you might see me buying your daily deals.
  10. Well i need Aqua so this is necessary
  11. Some may not need this event. Others like myself do. So good job devs.
    Had so many fails its needed.
    Does this event drop silver bars. As that is what we really need to grow?
  12. You guys really can't give us a break with these events?

    Free stuff is cool, however this is just too repetitive. Give the rewards more value by not having hunts so frequently.
  13. (lmfao!!)
  14. Try something else devs instead of regurgitating same events under different names... And how about upgrading these staid old castles we have had for years.... Why not upgrade them as people build complete each land... We still have same old boring castle we have had had for years... Just a thought... Something that might enthuse people to bc lands...
  15. Ok so yay free stuff all good but seriously most clans capable of it do asof and LotL in 6-11 hours and if you finish the eb after the switch you get no rewards ? Seeing as you don't know which eb it's going to be it's 50/50 chances that roughly 1/3-1/2 of the eb you can hit in a day will be a complete waste event wise, Unless you forgo the decent gold and run smaller ebs like Aff or TS and hope to finish in time.

  16. Buy with your gold
  17. why not release the new EB with LOTL then you can rotate between those two instead of ASOF. Quit milking us dry and release something new you lazy devs.