Boycott using Mithril for EE wars?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by PoppaBear-B, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Well I don't post here often, and I rarely start topics, but this one is important.

    Why does everyone use Mithril to evenly , but temporarily boost their stats for these frequent Estocs wars? It's really a waste in my opinion.

    Since the devs turned Mithril into a necessary commodity to enhance items, why are people using it up every few days to simply war? If everyone doesn't use Mithril , it's an even advantage to both clans fighting.

    People should have a mutual agreement between clans that you just don't use Mithril to war during EE wars at all.

    If you get Mithril , save it for osw, or upgrade these Mithril thirsty items. It seems like a fruitless endeavor to keep using Mithril in each Estocs war, just to earn more.

    All clans should discuss not using this valuable, hard to obtain item just to run a single 4 hour war, just to earn more.

    Boycott Mithril during EE wars 
  2. Because if you win you get it back anyway, so it's not really a waste...
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  4. If you win you get the mith back
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  6. Mithril is like cash though. You want to spend it. Although there will always be people who will save it up like you're talking about... Hmmm I really don't have an opinion on this
  7. What IBB said, its an investment in winning so you can get more mith.
  8. Investment. THATS the word I was trying to think of lol
  9. I agree with op. I don't understand why some moron always has to post first on every thread. It's very old, very boring and contributes nothing.
  10. yes the more mithril you use the more your get back. if you use 0 mithril you will get 20 or less mithril back. if you are at full mithril (18mith or so) you can get close to 50-100if you do really well in the war. (att/def pots ect.)

    also the dev were so nice to allow you to buy 6 mithal if you have 0 you can spend 18 billion to be at full mithril. in any war. all your really doing is betting 18 billion on if you are going to win or lose

  11. It's not double mith anymore idiots.

    Put 10 mith in, you get exactly 10 back plus your contribution and plunder.

    If no one use mith, then it's fair. No clan has an advantage or any risk.
  12. If you win the war you make the Mithril back. There would be cheaters on both sides and unless devs make it impossible, it's to hard to control. Might as well use it, that's what Mithril is there for, a stat boost temporarily.
  13. I agree anyways with OP. but there will always be one..
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    "hmm... I really don have an opinion on this"

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  16. Support. I've even tested. I had more mith gained after war when I didn't mith.

    Lets say I spent 14 mith on spells, and got most of it back after I won, but totaled at 50 mith reward. Then I don't mith and get 40 mith reward. Overall, the second war is better because I end up with more mith.

    Once again, support!
  17. I have a question. if you put in mith do you get it back along with a bit more if you win? (excluding mith gained from att/def pots etc)
  18. No floppy.

    It was only double mith for 1 weekend because Xmas. The mith you use you get exactly the same back.