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  1. As anyone who is following s6 knows, indi will not be involved. There isn't even a time slot for indi.

    So if you didn't care about s6 and just wanted to do indi, you can't.

    This sucks considering how close to 300 players voiced their support for putting indi in LL.

    I personally think that indi brings an equality to warring because match ups are far less manipulatable and way less exclusive.

    Some people enjoy LL for the exclusiveness and hate how indi is flooded with leaks and noobs and inactives. The other team will have just as many leaks as yours. And if you are so good, then win with what you have.

    Please comment if you agree and if you disagree then explain please.
  2. Nice Sword Ops
    Making excuses for IWar abuses is pathetic.
    Ppl manipulate IWar in many ways.
    Explain how LL War is manipulated?
    As for exclusive u mean u exclude yourself?

    Just sayin...
  3. The developers ignored every bit of feedback on their S6 announcement thread.
    They ignored a 300+ petition thread for iWars. They didn't give two cents either about every other S6 feedback thread. It's not like they didn't see it. Grant was lurking forums everyday since the announcement.

    It's time we realised how much the devs care or their lack of any.
  4. Devs could have run two separate seasons in one year. One for LL wars and one for indi wars.

    That way everyone is happy. And the warring community has the option of two war seasons through out the year. It caters to both types of wars.

    It would also give the opportunity to release a full set of equip that is better than that obtained in the never ending eb events.

    Given the effort for war, one measly helmet (couldn't even think of something different to last year. Copy and paste once again) seems rather unfair and unbalanced.

    Then again, this is the land of KaW where nothing is balanced, nothing makes sense and devs don't care. Enjoy your stay though :grin:

    A whale might possibly help your case. Also, if you can show how implementing indi will help said whale and the LB :grin:
  5. I don't war so technically I had nothing :lol:

    Really though, just a suggestion. Everyone always says how little attention is paid to war and how war should be a more prominent aspect of the game. It seems to me 2 seasons in one year, catering to both types of warriors, and providing a full set of equip helps that.
  6. ASW is next so there is your IWar only format after an S5 IWar season already. Serves ppl right if cannot commit and join a war clan.
    Its not Round or Primal wars anymore.

    GRANT answered once why its LL this season and no reason to repeat the same reasons.
  7. I have read through majority of the threads on wars. It seems majority want indi incorporated.

    It's fine you don't like indi, Night. Some people don't like LL.

    I really don't see why devs don't just have two seperate seasons. It keeps both sides happy. You get your LL war season. Others get their indi war season. You choose whether to participate in only one or the other.

    Yeah let's rely on what Grant says, Night :lol: Devs have proven time and time again they know little about what the game is actually like for players or what players actually need.

    2 seasons solves the problem. Everyone gets the war season they want. Devs are masters of the craft that is copy and paste. Shouldn't be that hard. They copy and paste and have repeated eb events. Why can't wars have more than one season also?
  8. I wasn't in s5 if I was I would have the eq. And I said if you disagree please explain but you wrote one line.
  9. S5 was only made indi only because people exploited round and primal wars like crazy. So its our fault devs had to result to that extreme? Whats their justification in resorting to this extreme now?
  10. It might have helped if devs gave people more than 2-3 weeks notice. If they're going to have a season with only pre planned clan wars, they could at least give the player base interested in participating a chance to find a decent war clan or group of players to war with.
  11. Too little too late for this bud, devs already said it aint gona happen even with lifes petition, i maybe be wrong but is a ll season not more likey to encourage xstal use??? My guess is this the real reason devs dont want indis in s6 as most war clan requires xstal where indi does not
  12. Ah well may as well keep on with the drunk rant i say... devs trying to promote clan loyalty again with this new war season they say "roflmfao" is all i can say. Slightly ironic that devs encourage clan loyalty for 1 month from 12 per annum then the rest they promote a promo that the top 500 or more get there by constant clan hopping haha...damn devs you rock lol and yeah incase you didnt gather this but it'll be a long time before i purchase your goods. Im out 
  13. A lowland wars season the same equipment slot as season 5....its pretty simple guys....its not worth doing so just dont. Let the 5-6 clans who have nothing better to do in their lives than war 5 times a day have their season who cares. Even if indis were involved its not worth chasing the same equipment slot so soon when they only have what 10 other slots they could have chosen. No thanks devs just another reason not to spend on this app...guess ill go gem my troop upgrade instead since you clearly dont want my money
  14. Rip for sh like me that want to refresh ee
  15. King. You're wasting your time conversing with that idiot
  16. Don't announce it, just boycott. If I happen to pick up a war, benefit. If not, I'm pretty sure the sun will rise the next day.

    Happy KAW'ing, Gl to all engaging in s6 and to those not, take a break...take a vaca...or whatever. 
  17. Go & sleep
  18. Only way devs will actually listen is if a group of people were to spam feedback or just not all participate in war
  19. Never said i did not like Indi. I indi all the time like as in now. I said S5 was a crapfest too often and was abused when something was on the line to win. Idc if same stuff happens in the offseason as long as it stays there.

    GL All in S6 Cheers
  20. Man, kaw has the biggest amount of whining grown men I have ever seen anywhere. Grow your asses up, didn't happen, you've had a couple days to find a clan that does lowland often, did you? No, you guys moaned and cried about it.

    Last season was pure indi from what I know, and in indis people either go inactive or throw the war, losing it for other people. I'd rather rely on my team for the war win than Randoms.

    You have another week to find a clan, do it. Stop crying. Find a clan, participate, or don't but you damn people cry so much.