box farmers

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  1. Name the accounts that exploit this, devalue everything and deserve banning.

    Name them and stop trading with them.

    P.s if you have to ask why you’re a moron

    I’ll start - tium
  2. Why u don estart farmin this people? Instead of gossipin like a queen
  3. Wait... this THEE saltyfeet???
  4. No support.

    Full support, also marry me bro. No homo.
  5. War boxes not worth farming or opening. If you are not bc it’s a waste of gold to open them. I give you an example. To upgrade the warbeast ring you need 16 of the ring. That’s if you are lucky to open 16 boxes with a ring. That’s 16 trillion right there. Chances to get equipment on each box less than 50%. So you have to spend 32 trillion or more on the ring. That’s a waste of gold best to upgrade or buy land. I think most that war that get them most of the time they trade them to the next sucker. Better just buy the equipments with real money.
  6. Shouldn’t buy this stuff with real money
  7. Because he's mentally weak
  8. If u cant beat them join them