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  1. So, we've all heard the venomous botting accusations. Such negativity and shade.
    So let's flip this, let's discuss other kinds bots and their possible positive impact on society. What machines and technology astound you? Have you seen the movie Her, about the humanoid operating system that that owner falls in love with?
    I've just seen on book of faces, a video about a female companion bot that costs around 10k. She's programmed with 18 personalities, can make a variety of facial expressions and I guess she can talk. She's made for *cough* loving.
    Are bots advancing us, or ruining us? Discuss.
  2. If we didn't have bots, who would I buy 100m from using real money on runescape?
  3. Bots for “cough” are for people who have no social skills and have given up on ever finding a real person to “cough”
  4. Rs3 scum
  5. True. But if you think about it, human to human is no longer necessary. We can grow embryos in labs, we now even have the technology to make artificial wombs. Someday, a cough bot can grow a child for a couple who can't. Who knows. Better or worse? Scientific progression, or SciFi nightmare? Only time will tell.

  6. Botting is worse on OSRS...
  7. Bots on osrs do not last more than 3 days. There are no bots for high level content. The most bots do on osrs are buy shopkeeper items and kill some cows.

    Rs3 on the other hand has bots for every possible activity and skill. You can max your account risk free.
  8. I'm actually very curious how you concluded RS3 from that comment, given that I've never had an account on 3.
  9. Anybody wanna give me a few mill?
  10. For an army of cough robots?
  11. Pretty sure everyone on this thread will need one of these love bots
  12. What if each of us already is one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. One of my 18 personality settings is "Soft Spoken Tender Hearted Painter."
  14. How do you buy gold? I havent really looked into it but im interested.
  15. Nah I got my acc hacked and got my mills stolen
  16. i think robotics will have a positive & negative impact into the future. Medically they'll be to the benefit of the majority as the price becomes more reasonable...we already see the benefits today, such as surgery becoming more accurate & those who once were disabled getting new leases on life, with robotic aids and body parts, etc. Information gathering can be boosted greatly with further development into robotics but i imagine has its downside in loss of privacy and upsides in more knowledge being gained and better transparency. Crime enforcememt and overall peace will probably suffer greatly due to greater weapon capabilities and greater capability to commit crimes that will likely not be matched by those trying to develop & use peacekeeping bots in order to balance and reduce crime. On the side of companion/cough bots i guess lonely folks need loving too, it could help reduce depression and anxiety, etc but might see an increase of introverts in society rather than extraverts i guess as less people will feel the desire to interact with real's not really my thing but i won't hold it against them lol.
    Overall i guess how robotics use is regulated and enforced in the future is going to be the deciding factor on how they end up impacting society negatively or positively really...imo we really need to slow down advancement of robotical capabilities until security measures can be brought up to date or even ahead of the times first.
  17. Anyone need a polypore staker on rs3 hit me up :D