Book one Abandoned Kingdom

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  1. Koei: You are not the creator of the thread. You cannot ban.

    As for your comment on cheese: Wrong. Cheese criticizes what DESERVES to be criticized, and praises what DESERVES praise. He's honest.
  2. And I don't own any part of this forum. I just post here.
  3. Bright = Truthteller
  4. You don't own it. But it's sort of your part of forums.
  5. Ha... You have no idea how long that took me to type. I kept getting distra- crap, I have homework!!! *multitasking time*
  6. So, you shank Calydor and then, as if by magic, you know that his weak spot is his back?
    Por que?
  7. This is so bad
    Like really really bad