Book one Abandoned Kingdom

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  1. I know why he does it:It makes him feel good
  2. It must be...

    I want a refund for the twenty seconds it took to read these jumbled, grammarless paragraphs.
  3. Would I be coining a new acronym by saying "ts;dr?"

    Too Short. Didn't Read.
  4. I wouldn't say new.

    But at least refund the time I spent scrolling through that crap.
  5. The Last Warbeast

    Calydor was in his wooden cave.He was having a quick meal and then he would leave for the grasslands.His armada was dead and he had zero defenders.He needed his true form.So he roared.Then he stood up in armor and a huge battle-ax in his hand.Now when they caught up he would fight.
  6. @chessemuffin why should he have to go write it somewhere else?? Why can't he write it here?? It's not like this place is ours! You don't own it! Your guys are just low life's yelling at a kid for righting what he wants to write! Like I said before Don't read them if you don't like them, Don't comment either because there is no reason for you to comment if all you do is get mad at him!!!
  7. When Coldplay902 caught up to Calydor he was amazed.His weapon was as big as a tree!Coldplay902 went under the axe and stabbed him.Then he realized his weak spot was his back.He saddled his horse and then he jumped off and stabbed Calydor in the back.Calydor staggered away and yanked the sword out of his back.He then fell and dusts affairs
  8. Oh, goodness. Not another noob "writer".
  9. And tell me, how the **** did he know his weak spot was his back?

    Plus Bain, because if anything the actual writers own KaW FF than a fake writer who has been her for what, a day?
  10. Bain, when a forum gets erased from Active Topics on the main device of KaW, people start to form a little society in it, because FanFiction is basically ignored.

    For about a year and a half, this society has been built up, and of anything, without the mods, the better Writers here own it. KaW_Admin still has full power over each and every one of us. You want to act in his defense? Sorry, the unofficial hierarchy won't allow that.
  11. That's Calydor's weak spot I just put that in
  12. @cheese

    We don't have to stop writing.It is fun and nobody owns it.We write whatever we want if its appropriate.No mod said I could not write them all in one thread.Belle told me that.Also be a little positive
  13. @Cheese you don't own it nobody does plus be more positive.
  14. Coldplay, Belle told you to put them all in one thread. And you shouldn't be talking - I know exactly what I'm talking about.
  15. And actually, ATA owns it.
  16. ya know cheese, you don't have to be a jerk about it.if you don't like it, don't comment. whats the point? you just click on the thread with a sole purpose of criticizing anything you can find. thats not right. now get out or be positive
  17. Coldplay. I suggest you take your time. Look at the soceity they (yes, I say they: I am not a writer) formed. Look at how YOU a/effect (ugh, can't get them straight) the fanfiction community.

    Currently, your influence is not postive. Your stories are horrible. You accuse people of plagiarism when they are, in fact, not plagiarizing. You are arrogant. You spam fanfiction with absolute fail threads such as "do you think I'm awesome", and "chatroom".

    First of all, not all of kaw reads forums. Second, wrong section. This is FANFICTION.

    I believe that Cheese does not enjoy having to spell things out for idiots. Neither do I. Also, in a way this is HIS part of forum. He is well liked here. You are not, with the excpetion of other noob writers.

    Not the exact quote, but pretty much. How stupid do you get? I won't even explain how dumb that is.

    Also, you have a major lack of punctuation such as commas, and you need to put spaces after periods/exclamation points/question marks.

    My conclusion: Go back to where you came from. We don't need noob writers.
  18. Koei, I'm sorry. Have you ****-ing noticed how many threads he's put up!? I'd have no problem with this except that he just keeps making more and more and MORE threads.