Book one Abandoned Kingdom

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  3. Expedition of the Warbeasts book two

    Coldplay902 was walking with the master when something flew over them.He looked and saw a vampire almost biting the master.He hit it to the ground just in time.It lay motion less and they walked off.They then came across a evil knight.He drew his sword and charged.Coldplay902 parried it and chopped it's arm off.The knight screamed.Then a castle came into view.
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    The castle swarmed with warbeasts and evil knights.All the other knights were there too.They surrounded them and attacked.
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    Metal clanged and clanged over and over.Except for the occasional scream all the sounds were metal.Coldplay902 killed the chief and secretary.He stumbled into the palace and saw Calydor retreating in the distance.He sighed"This is getting annoying."

    To Be Continued
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    It is done
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    wait who comes next?
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    The Evil Knights
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    Would you quit being mean to him he said "I'm having fun doing it" you don't have to hate him for righting what you call a terrible book I for one thought it was quite good and congratulate him for putting his mind and story out there!!!
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    who said I hated the kid? am I not allowed to think his story blows goats and express as much?

    let him have fun where noone else has to endure his horrible story
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    haha. your next "book". you mean your next set of 4 paragraphs of crap
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    you're a noob nobody too. so your opinion is irrelevant.
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    Bain, if he enjoys doing it and wants to keep doing it, MOVE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE. Like a different ****-ing website/app.
  15. And THAT, ladies and gentleman, is how you merge threads :)
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    its koei, with an i. get it right. notice how when someone(most likely with high stats) doesnt like another player, they call them noob. does anyone here remember what noob means? i doubt it.
  17. oh I'm not calling you a noob based on your stats.

    I'm saying you're one based on your actions.
  18. WE don't know what a noob is?

    You pathetic noob, you couldn't tell a noob if you kicked yourself up the arsehole.
  19. What in the **** did I just read?
  20. @Grope

    the answer to that question has been of great debate. nobody is really sure. it stinks like cat piss, looks like goose crap but the OP thinks its good or something.