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  1. Aside from the grammar and lack of punctuation, which everyone seems to comment about, I do not like this idea.
    It is indeed interesting, but I think it will make actions and strips against another player harder than they already are and that people will engage even less in PvP.
  2. I disbanded a clan :D some guy from wc offered me one and as soon as I was owner....
  3. Bump for Galons Draco.
  4. Please just for ease of reading space it out a bit more.
    But considering how rarely these actions would be used change the 12 hour lock out to an hour or 2 max and yes i actually really like the idea.

    These could be a fun and surprising addition.

    Now if this had been written by ashes you just now it would have cleavage and mouse trap pictures.
    But i think this idea is safer and easier to implement 

  5. If you look at how many thousands of actions roni has suggested, these traps would be rare.

    yes frustrating for the victim, And hilarious for the defender.

    Adding an extra laugh to the game is a good idea to me.
  6. Hi Optimal thankyou. Yes back then i didnt know how to break it up in paragraphs. Only a few weeks ago AshesOfEden taught me how to do it .That i have to press the long right corner arrow on the keyboard.Which breaks it up into paragraphs.So the next time i write a thread you can look foreward to much easyier reading on the eyes !
  7. Lol thanks roni.

    With my lousy eyesight even this fancy big phone blurrs it all together.

    I look forward to your next good idea.
    And this one is a good idea.

    I will have to thank ashes for helping you.
    His forum ways are most excellent.
  8. I like boobs support
  9. TLDR

    Going to ruin pvp, ee,

    I can already hear the complaints about losing their spy bar on the first action in the war

    ... Or being locked out of kaw for 12 hours, and come back to find broken sword, stripped, and cleared of gold
  10. It could easily be added so that it only applies outside of system wars amd would have no effect on EE

    When locked out ( gor a shorter amoumt of time ) it could block actions on the kingdom so they cannot be stripped or have actions against them.

    But with how rarely roni is suggesting these actions they aren't going to ruin much at all.

    For pvp players this adds very little risk and a little humour.

    Hell I am happy with my useless disloyal soldiers dying. Its all they deserve.

    Now take it to another level and add a silly animation of your soldiers flying through the air after walking on a spring loaded booby trap and I'd laugh at it.
    Add different painful landings and better still.
  11. Yes, in war it is all about taking risks.Not everything goes smoothly in life and it's the same in war.There is often many twists and curveballs.So lets put some spanners in the works in the e.b to jeopardise their clean sweep on you !
  12. Who uses palringo. EEEEEEW
  13. This thread was from 2014 when palringo was the place to be.But it was much better than line app because admin could be chosen for the room.And only admin had the power to eject.Unlike line app where everyone in the room can eject people which is very stupid.
  14. Would discourage a lot of PVP which there is a big lack of anyway, sorry Roni no support :eek:
  15. hi xoxox i dont think it would because when there is the element of danger it makes it more enticing & exciting.
  16. Yes I s'pose I see that part too, point taken onboard I like the idea anyway ;)
  17. I'm a simple person-
    I see "Booby" in a thread name and I click.
  18. i support the idea. pity it was ruined by haters in 2014